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  1. Iranian ship attacked in the Red Sea - Iranian media report
  2. Buttigieg Retracts Bogus Claim Infrastructure Bill Would Create 19 Million Jobs
  3. Texas Will Move Its Election Day if H.R. 1 Passes
  4. Leeds student builds bin bag dispenser to tackle Hyde Park litter
  5. Rickards: MMT Is A Disaster Waiting To Happen
  6. Biden Wants to Lead the World to Less Freedom
  7. Britain Creating Facial Recognition Database of Everyone!
  8. Italian business owners protests over virus measures
  9. Biden* Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available To All U.S. Adults April 19th…
  10. Head Of Russian Doctors' Alliance Detained Outside Prison Holding Navalny
  11. Sudan repeals law boycotting Israel
  12. US is ‘concerned’ over sentencing of Saudi aid worker
  13. Southwest Pilot Accused Of Exposing His Genitals In-Flight…
  14. United Airlines plans to diversify its pool of pilots
  15. E3 2021: Biggest conference in gaming is going online
  16. Biden* Used Tax Loophole To Avoid Paying $500,000 In Income Taxes…
  17. Watch the moment 'Mrs Sri Lanka' crown was stolen
  18. Man in court after two-week-old baby killed in Brownhills crash
  19. Skeptical President Invites Netanyahu to Form Next Israeli Government
  20. Chris Sutton talks to BBC Breakfast about losing his dad to dementia
  21. CNN Wrote These Identical Headlines, One In September The Other In April…
  22. IMF lifts growth for developing nations, warns of uneven recovery
  23. IDF Northern Command Calls Snap Border Drill
  24. Serbian President Opts For Chinese Vaccine In TV Event For Skeptical Public
  25. Graham Holdings, owner of Slate and Foreign Policy, acquires Leaf Group, parent company of, Well+Good, and others (Business Wire)
  26. Zelensky urges NATO to expand military presence in Black Sea region
  27. President Zelensky, Emir of Qatar discuss prospects for major investment
  28. JCPOA's 18th Joint Commission kicks off in Vienna
  29. 104 Taliban members killed in Afghanistan in past 24h
  30. What are SDRs and why are they a hot topic at the IMF meeting?
  31. CDC Now Says “No Significant Risk” of Catching Coronavirus From Surfaces
  32. Greece 2.0 seeks to transform the economy. Does it go far enough?
  33. Chauvin Defense Argues Officer’s Knee Was on George Floyd’s Shoulder Blade, Not Neck
  34. Four Times Conservative Art (Or Artists) Got Un-Canceled
  35. Pelosi Could Personally Profit From Biden’s Infrastructure Plan
  36. Human Smugglers Are Using Facebook to Advertise “100 Percent Safe” U.S. Border Crossings
  37. Report: NIH Oversight Board Didn’t Oversee US Grant to Wuhan Lab
  38. Biden Campaign Coronavirus Alarmist Now Says We Are in a “Category 5 Hurricane”
  39. Paski, Biden, and Harris Continue Dodging Questions About the Border
  40. Michael Brown: A Bipartisan Proposal for Voter Integrity and Photo IDs
  41. Brad Slager: A Fact Check on The NYT’s Fact Check, Which Feeds the Misinformation About Georgia’s New Election Law
  42. Rachel Alexander: Christian Conservative Crowdfunding Site Under Attack
  43. Ten Iranian officials indicted for shooting Ukraine passenger plane
  44. Indian states vote in assembly polls amid surge in COVID cases
  45. Ron Paul: Why is Biden Pushing Ukraine to Attack Russia?
  46. Peacocks stores back in business but only half will reopen
  47. Covid: DVLA staff strike over 'fear' at Swansea HQ
  48. Iran registers record daily spike in COVID-19 cases
  49. Kyiv mayor reports over 1,400 new COVID-19 cases, 39 fatalities
  50. Inside BritBox's US strategy: embracing the true crime genre, creating ancillary content for legacy shows, and introducing new audiences to British comedy (KC Ifeanyi/Fast Company)