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  1. Syria’s Asma al-Assad faces police investigation in the UK
  2. Bolivia's political crisis deepens after former interim president arrested
  3. ‘Spotted Yellow’ to vie at Atlanta Film Festival
  4. Kenya-Somalia maritime boundary dispute explained
  5. Weakened Iranian Regime Tests Biden Administration’s Resolve by Demanding Concessions
  6. ZAKA Head to Step Down, Forfeit Israel Prize Following Allegations of Sexual Assault
  7. Israeli, Czech, Hungarian Premiers Meet in Jerusalem to Discuss Vaccine Cooperation
  8. Two Statues in New York City Honor Late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  9. Blinken Says Abraham Accords Are ‘Something We Want to Build On’
  10. 5-Richter quake jolts Faryab in southern Iran
  11. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan ratify MoU on Caspian exploration
  12. Iran to appoint rapporteur to investigate effect of sanctions
  13. Lobbying in AFC destroying fair play principles
  14. Official terms AFC decision ‘political’
  15. 'I've been cat-called, shouted at, and had cars slow down' - female athletes share their experiences
  16. Episode #365 – ‘Lockdown: One Year On’ with guest Dr Martin Cohen, Basil Valentine
  17. NYC Coming Back To Life After A Year Locked Indoors…
  18. German Court Rules Former Nazi Concentration Camp Guard, 96, ‘Unfit’ to Stand Trial
  19. Netflix to Premiere New Docuseries About Former ‘Haredi’ Fashion Mogul
  20. West Coast Cities Erupt in Violence on Anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s Death
  21. Fauci Flip-Flops Again (Maybe) on Mask Wearing for Vaccinated Individuals
  22. Rep. Michael Burgess Calls Biden’s Vaccine Narrative “Disingenuous”
  23. History Lesson: Iran Beat America in 2002 War Game
  24. Building U.S. – Asian Teamwork Against China
  25. Border Apprehensions Hit Fifteen Year High
  26. Teens Indicted After Filming Themselves Blowing up French Police Vehicle in Mulhouse, France
  27. Sri Lanka Bans the Burka, Closes Many Islamic Schools
  28. DHS Asks FEMA for Help Housing Migrant Children as Border Crisis Escalates
  29. Minor Migrants from Three North African Countries Make Up 75% of Arrests in Paris
  30. Portland Returns to Natural State of Mass Rioting
  31. Wokescolds Decry “Digital Blackface”
  32. Poll Finds White Liberals Far More Likely to Embrace Violence Than Conservatives
  33. Matt Dawson column: France win was a lightbulb moment for England
  34. Russia-led forces mount 10 attacks in Donbas on March 13
  35. Turkey operationalizes its top ministers in Egypt ploy - analysis
  36. Watching the watchers: European border agency under fire
  37. S Arabia resorts to inhumane methods for torturing prisoners
  38. 32,000km, 655 screens: Documenting India’s endangered cinemas
  39. Taliban expresses scepticism over interim Afghan gov’t proposal
  40. Ukraine reports over 4,200 COVID-19 hospitalizations on March 13
  41. Italy plans to have 80% of population vaccinated by end of September
  42. Breonna Taylor: Family, protesters demand justice on anniversary of her death
  43. Rasht blue sky
  44. 19 Nigerian military forces killed in Boko Haram attack
  45. In Pictures: UK police crack down on vigil for Sarah Everard
  46. How dangerous are the new COVID variants?
  47. Myanmar: Civilian leader in hiding vows 'revolution' against junta
  48. No difference between Biden, Trump on Riyadh
  49. FDI in mineral, industrial sector hits 113% hike in 11 months
  50. Van Dijk and Gomez unlikely to be fit for Euros - Klopp