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  1. Sources: WaPo is looking for a "Journalistic Unicorn" to replace Marty Baron, someone with his stature but a stronger connection to "journalists of tomorrow" (Joe Pompeo/Vanity Fair)
  2. Zelensky approves Strategy toward ending Russian occupation of Crimea
  3. Montenegro urges EU not to tie its hands in anti-corruption fight
  4. China bashes US over racism, inequality, pandemic response
  5. Why it is Biden’s call on the future of US troops in Afghanistan
  6. It’s always Russia and Never CCP
  7. Amazon Delivery Drivers Forced to Sign ‘Biometric Consent’ Form or Lose Job
  8. Uzbek Man Arrested After Allegedly Using Fake Presidential Facebook Account For Fraud
  9. Blinken Urges Turkey To Give Up Russian S-400 System
  10. Democrats Anticipate a Revolution is Coming
  11. The Rise & Fall of Empires, Nations, & City States has been Going on for Thousands of Years – It’s Just Our Turn!
  12. Who Is Really To Blame For The Rise In Asian Hate Crimes? Spoiler Alert: It’s Not “White Supremacy”
  13. So we are expected to believe UK Inflation is 0.4% whilst forgetting we were told it was 6.1%?
  14. US Mortgage Purchase Applications Rise 3% WoW, Up 26% From Same Week Last Year
  15. Anti-Corona Demonstration Switzerland
  16. Farmland market in Ukraine to start operating no earlier than 2022 – lawmaker
  17. UK may face harder job getting EU vaccines after Brussels tightens export rules
  18. ‘Inhumane’: UK plan for tougher asylum system draws criticism
  19. CRSR DD – A Compelling Growth Story
  20. It appears the recent move in the US 10-year Treasury yield from 1.2% to 1.7% had very little to do with inflation expectations.
  21. Microsoft ($MSFT) DD – Sitting on a gold mine
  22. Suez canal blocked
  23. BofA: Fed Will Use Digital Dollars To Unleash Inflation, Universal Basic Income And Debt Forgiveness
  24. Gamma Squeeze Explained
  25. Closing Web Browser Windows Doesn’t Close Connections
  26. Scotland make four changes for Six Nations game against France
  27. MSNBC: The NRA Is a ‘Terror Organization That’s Making Us Less Safe’…
  28. Media Activists Jumped to Conclusion Colorado Shooter Was White, Delete Posts, Pivot When His True Identity Revealed
  29. Mideast Quartet Discusses Reviving ‘Meaningful’ Israel, Palestinian Peace Talks
  30. Israeli Elections 2021: With Most Votes Counted, Arab Party Ra’am Poised to Play Key Role as Netanyahu’s Advantage Slips Away
  31. Cars become home for Spain’s pandemic casualties
  32. Players' union chief Taylor responds to criticism of response to dementia in football
  33. Domed coins celebrate 150 years of the Royal Albert Hall
  34. Asian Americans build trust, community solutions in face of hate
  35. Six Conservative Films to Watch on Amazon Prime… Before They Remove Them
  36. France Summons Chinese Ambassador Over “Unacceptable” Insults
  37. Robinhood App Files Paperwork to Go Public
  38. GameStop Considers Share Sale After Massive Runup in Stock Price
  39. Dems Eye These Tax Increases Aimed at the Rich
  40. India reports novel COVID-19 variant, daily deaths at year’s high
  41. ‘You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin’: Company’s ‘Technoking’
  42. Ukrainians The Least Happy In Europe
  43. Leader’s remarks clear any excuse to be used by 5+1 states
  44. Sheikh Hamdan: Owner of Nashwan, Dayjur and Battaash dies ages 75
  45. Netanyahu short of majority amid Israeli vote deadlock
  46. Eritrean troops killed more than 100 civilians in Tigray: Rights group
  47. Suez canal blockage sends oil prices rebounding after sell-off
  48. Does intelligent life exist beyond Earth?
  49. PC who attacked woman resigns from West Midlands Police
  50. Suez Canal: Ships being diverted to old channel