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  1. Reuters: Oil rises on expectations OPEC+ will maintain supply discipline
  2. Watergate mastermind G Gordon Liddy dies aged 90
  3. ‘It wasn’t right’: Witness confronts policeman over Floyd death
  4. Envoy to Brussels warns over possibility of ISIL resurgence
  5. Chinese hackers used Facebook to target Uighur activists with malware
  6. American spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard gives rare interview to Israeli newspaper
  7. Bulgaria confirms arrest of six-member spy-ring allegedly working for Russia
  8. Israel behind mysterious attacks on Iranian oil tankers, report claims
  9. Pandemic unemployment leaving more without health insurance
  10. Macron, Merkel Discuss Navalny, Possible Vaccine Cooperation With Putin
  11. Australia to build guided missiles to boost defence capacity
  12. Race and racism 'less important in explaining social disparities' - report
  13. The Vast Majority Of The Global Population Has Eagerly Embraced A Giant Deception
  14. Hedge Fund Blows Up with John Rubino
  15. Everything is Getting More Expensive with Peter Schiff
  17. 21 Senate Democrats urge Biden to implement UBI
  18. Steve Penny: 7-Month Rally in Gold Coming to Complete Cup and Handle Pattern
  19. YouTube will be removing the dislike button!
  20. Clown World: Politician Shut Down for Asking a Question London’s Mayor Couldn’t Answer: “Can Some Men Give Birth?”
  21. All Air Travelers to Germany Must Present Negative Coronavirus Test
  22. Very rare audit finds ‘massive voter fraud’…
  24. Cash-out Refis: Rising Rates Can’t Stop Velocity From Rising Home Prices
  25. Biden Calls For Full Mask Mandates…“Impending Doom”
  26. Man’s Skin ‘Peeled Off’ in Rare Reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine
  27. UK, US condemn China’s overhaul of Hong Kong elections
  28. Student battles ‘woke teacher’ over Critical Race Theory in Virginia classroom…
  29. China Borrow a Page From Pelosi’s Playbook – Will No Longer Seat All Democratically Elected Officials in Hong Kong Legislature
  30. Congress demands tech CEOs’ to censor American citizens more aggressively…So much for freedom of speech
  31. Harry and Sparkles lied about needing money. Didn’t declare millions left by Queen Mother
  32. Convicted Sex Offender Charged with Molesting 3 More Girls he Met while Teaching Elementary School Literacy Program
  33. Two members of Salt Lake City’s ‘Real Housewives’ arrested
  34. Guess Which Two States Have The HIGHEST COVID Deaths And Which Two Have The Lowest…
  35. Protesting Teacher Chains Herself To Courthouse Fence Outside George Floyd Trial…
  36. Next stop: “The Harris Administration”
  37. The hypocrisy is almost unfathomable
  38. Coronavirus: How to help health workers' mental health
  39. No end in sight for India's protesting farmers
  40. Myanmar coup: The monks divided over the deadly protests
  41. Virgin Money launches support service for customers living with cancer
  42. Current account switching levels fell by around 30% last year
  43. Shop prices continue to fall as lockdown leads to heavy discounting
  44. Rep. Matt Gaetz under investigation for possible sex trafficking, alleged relationship with teen girl
  45. Biden’s dog bites again
  46. Jen Psaki Says White House Stands Behind Decision To Give In-Person Education To Illegals Over American Kids…
  47. Woman wearing ankle monitor arrested after allegedly punching man because he coughed
  48. Nepalese citizen in Florida convicted of trying to meet pregnant 12-year-old for sex
  49. Joe Biden’s Dog Bit Someone Again And This Time They Needed Medical Attention…
  50. U.S. Report Shows 'Trend Lines' On Human Rights Moving In Wrong Direction, Blinken Says