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  1. NRA Sues NY AG
  2. Fed’s Powell ‘honest about the challenge’ amid inflation concerns
  3. Biden’s choice for budget director hits US Senate roadblock
  4. Ghana security forces shut down LGBTQ office: Rights group
  5. Biden* Says Canada, US Will Double Down On Stupid Climate Change Fear…
  6. Israel Adopts Law Allowing Names Of Unvaccinated People To Be Shared…
  7. Alli impresses as Tottenham cruise through in Europa League
  8. Iran hopes change in coalition's approach may bring peace
  9. Biden Must Deter, Not Appease, Moscow, Beijing, Tehran and Pyongyang
  10. The ‘Pressure-Israel’ Machine Kicks into High Gear
  11. Dave Portnoy Clashes With Robinhood CEO
  12. GOP Senator: Biden Stimulus Punishes Red States
  13. Obama Says He Didn’t Seek Reparations Because of the “Politics of White Resistance”
  14. The Dispute on How to Handle Iran Could Cost Us
  15. Florida man charged with trying to join ISIL fighters
  16. Institute for Nonprofit News says it helped convert five newsrooms to non-profit status last year and membership grew 28% to 309 non-profit journalism groups (Sara Fischer/Axios)
  17. Could COVID ‘vaccine certificates’ lead to discrimination?
  18. US to allow migrants from Mexico as critics slam ‘kids in cages’
  19. Venezuela gives EU delegation head 72 Hours to leave Caracas
  20. Zero Covid Policy is Globalism Gone Amok
  22. Gold is one of the few assets that’s NOT at a record high
  23. Federal judge in Houston Judge indefinitely blocks Biden’s 100-day deportation pause Judge said Biden administration’s moratorium violated federal law on administrative procedure, U.S. failed to show why pause justified.
  24. Remember when Fauci said coronavirus wasn’t a “major threat for the people of the United States” and was nothing to worry about?
  25. Kazakhs Demand Creation Of Government Commission Over 'Wrongful' Court Decisions
  26. Stock Alert: Bayport International Surges Over 200%
  27. BLM group raked in $90MILLION in donations last year: Leaders disclose finances for the first time – but angry local chapters say they are not being given any of the money
  28. Tech companies are probably in cooperation with the government to deliberately limit the information you receive and disseminate!
  29. Hungary becomes first EU nation to use China's Sinopharm vaccine against COVID-19
  30. Ukraine's booming IT sector defies coronacrisis – media
  31. Biden Press Sec Called Out For Hypocrisy On Border Migrant Detention Facilities…
  33. Another Democrat Narrative Goes up in Flames – Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund Says He Had Intel Antifa Was Part of the January 6 Attack
  34. New York Times admits workplace issues, particularly around the treatment of Black and Latino employees, in a new report following an eight-month investigation (Kerry Flynn/CNN)
  35. LifeSiteNews Has Been Financially Blacklisted by Google
  36. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Outraged Florida Is Lowering Flags in Honor of Rush Limbaugh
  37. Most Ukrainians back sanctions against pro-Russian MP Medvedchuk – poll
  38. A New Highly Resistant COVID Variant Has Emerged In California, And It Could Make This Plague Far Worse
  39. Anatomy of a Bubble and Crash
  40. Italians working in cultural sector decry pandemic closures
  41. Blinken makes claims on human rights violation in Iran
  42. NY Journo Says Gov. Cuomo Terrorized Him
  43. David Perdue Decides Against Challenging Raphael Warnock in 2022
  44. A Look at the Plan to Put the F-16 on America’s Aircraft Carriers
  45. France to Begin Construction of New Ballistic Missile Submarines
  46. Key U.S. Senator Says Pentagon Spending May Escape Deep Budget Cuts
  47. Cam Newton Calls Bill Belichick the Most Misunderstood Person in Sports
  48. Woody Allen Slams HBO Documentary, Says It’s a “Hatchet Job Riddled With Falsehoods”
  49. WeWork Founder Eyes Settlement With SoftBank
  50. Rouhani receives new ambassadors' credentials (+Details)