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  1. Ant Middleton: Former SAS star says 'woke patrol' took over series
  2. Stepanov: Several COVID-19 strains circulating in Ukraine, no dangerous variants detected
  3. Covid: Oxford vaccine does protect older people, Europe told
  4. Explosion damages Dutch coronavirus testing centre
  5. Danielle DiMartino Booth: “Investors are putting full faith in the idea that there is indeed a free lunch and never a price to pay for the Fed’s largess and that is certainly how markets are trading. At some point you start to add up all these transitory
  6. EU – We must prepare for an “era” of pandemics!
  7. High court in China rules homosexuality is a mental disorder
  8. Jim Cramer Admits Fundamentals Don’t Matter They All LIE CHEAT STEAL!
  9. IRS is set a trap for bitcoin and virtual currency investors on 2020 tax form
  10. De Blasio had no problem going about his regular life during the pandemic
  11. Syrian PM hails Iran scientific progress under pressures
  12. Generation Identity: France shuts down far-right group
  13. Macron admits France murdered top Algerian independence figure
  14. Biden On When America Might Return To Normal From Covid: ‘My Hope Is By This Time Next Year’…
  15. France’s Macron Tells Iran ‘Clear Gestures’ Needed to Revive Nuclear Deal
  16. Newt Gingrich: The Three Winners at CPAC 2021
  17. Gov. Cuomo’s Approval Collapses to 38%
  18. Texas Governor Announces All Businesses Can Reopen – End of Mask Mandate on March 10
  19. Study Finds Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine May Be Less Effective in Obese People
  20. France confirms plan to censure Iran as Macron asks Rouhani for ‘clear gestures’
  21. French government dissolves far-right group Generation Identity
  22. Iraqi army bombs ISIL positions in Kirkuk, Saladin
  23. Betsy McCaughey: Nancy’s Election-Rigging Bill
  24. UK Ambassador: Covishield and Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines identical
  25. Ukraine reports 6% rise in sales of new commercial vehicles in Jan-Feb
  26. Women’s March Finally Breaks Silence on Cuomo After Third Accuser Comes Forward
  27. Psaki Refuses to Answer If Equality Act Will Force Religious Doctors to Violate Their Conscience
  28. Language law: Odesa officials start improving Ukrainian language skills
  29. Singapore’s ETC suspends trading to review Myanmar contracts
  30. Ethiopia releases media workers detained in Tigray
  31. Ten Rockets Fired at U.S. Air Base in Iraq
  32. Intense preparations ahead of Pope’s visit to Iraq
  33. Saudi Arabia says COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for Hajj 2021
  34. Roadside bomb kills, injures 3 Iraqi military forces
  35. 'My assassination plot foiled': Amrullah Saleh
  36. Nicola Sturgeon says Alex Salmond conspiracy claims 'absurd'
  37. Libya’s new government says migration crisis not its top priority
  38. Iran attaching importance to practical measures not words
  39. Russia Warns West Not To 'Play With Fire' After More Sanctions Over Navalny Announced
  40. Thousands in India demand top judge resign over rape remarks
  41. Libya: Interim gov’t calls on UN to publish report on vote-buying
  42. The Navy Plans To Launch Swarms Of Aerial Drones From Unmanned Submarines And Ships
  43. Abandoning snow shovels for crop top and shorts - training choices in an unusual Olympic year
  44. At least 10 killed in South Sudan plane crash
  45. Merkel calls for 'fundamental rethink' at CDP Europe Awards 2021
  46. Hryvnia strengthens to U.S. dollar on March 3
  47. In Pictures: Risking death in search for antique Afghan carpets
  48. 'If the others go I'll go': Inside China's scheme to transfer Uighurs into work
  49. Rocket attack on Al-Asad base, which Iran targeted in 2020, reported in Iraq
  50. FBI Director Wray Blames BLM Riots On 'Sovereign Citizens' And Militias; Says Capitol Protest Was 'Domestic Terrorism'