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  1. The Future of Nasdaq: Will it Keep Moving Higher?
  2. Maine Town Leaders Pass Anti-Mask Resolution, Say Mask Mandates Violate Anti-Discrimination Law
  3. Josh Rogin of The Washington Post on the undisputed evidence covid-19 originated in the Wuhan lab backed and funded by the USA via the NIAID headed by Fauci
  4. Terror attack warning, superpower strategies, and new frontiers: what's in Boris' plan for Britain?
  5. Integrated review: UK nuclear stockpile to increase
  6. Poll Shows That 90 Percent of Americans Think Illegal Immigrants Should Be Tested for Coronavirus
  7. Vatican Says Church Cannot Bless Same Sex Unions, In Setback for Gay Catholics
  8. The Military’s Great Awokening
  9. CNN Decides to Focus on Hating Tucker Carlson Because They Don’t Have Trump to Obsess Over
  10. Hearing Into Navalny Lawsuit Over Refusal To Probe His Poisoning Postponed
  11. Yaphet Kotto: James Bond villain and Alien actor dies at 81
  12. Lionel Messi scores twice as he equals Xavi's Barcelona appearance record in 4-1 win
  13. Ferguson delivers £289m special dividend payout after Wolseley UK sale
  14. Thailand’s PM receives AstraZeneca jab as Asia mostly backs treatment
  15. Venezuela not to allow use of AstraZeneca corona vaccine: VP
  16. Hryvnia keeps strengthening to U.S. dollar on March 16
  17. Biden Border Crisis Increases – GOP Pushing Back Against President’s Policies
  18. How WSJ's Project Boomerang, an effort to retain new readers and build habit, helped it attract a record audience during the pandemic (Jason Jedlinski/WSJ Digital Experience ...)
  19. Who truly was the most dishonest president?
  20. UN says 'quiet diplomacy' between actors in Syria is crucial to end war
  21. Dutch elections: are poltical parties under-delivering on Green policies?
  22. Sri Lanka pauses for thought ahead of proposed ban on burka
  23. Discovery of new Dead Sea Scroll fragments announced in Israel
  24. Tourists tired of lockdown are now free to visit Alcatraz
  25. In Myanmar, rising food and fuel prices endanger the poor: UN
  26. Greggs to open shops despite first loss in 36 years
  27. Houthi ballistic missiles target Saudi Arabia, says coalition
  28. Amazon, Facebook, others work to make e-commerce livestreaming popular in the US, chasing a trend seen in China, where livestreaming drives ~9% of online sales (Jackie Snow/New York Times)
  29. COVID forces India-England T20 cricket matches in empty stadium
  30. Venezuela won’t authorise AztraZeneca vaccine due to safety fears
  31. Online abuse: 'I found out my husband had indecent images'
  32. Armenia's First President Calls For PM's Immediate Resignation
  33. Defense Ministry unveils “FAKHRA” vaccine
  34. Israel's three defense giants lead world in arms deals industry
  35. Facebook strikes deal with Murdoch’s News Corp in Australia
  36. Kim’s sister criticises US and South Korea for holding military exercises
  37. A look at Japan's news media landscape, which has been slow to embrace digital transformation, as print circulation and a culture of conservatism still dominate (Matthew Leake/Reuters Institute)
  38. New safety measures in wake of Sarah Everard death
  39. US vows to work with allies on North Korea denuclearisation
  40. Rep. Gottheimer to 'Post:' 'We shouldn't allow Iran to threaten the US'
  41. Sturgeon to set out dates for easing Scotland's lockdown rules
  42. China wants Jack Ma’s Alibaba to shed media assets: Report
  43. Trust in Tech Entities
  44. On the Washington Post and “find the fraud.” Perhaps the biggest story that the media refuses to publish:
  45. Covid is fading, stimulus is here, and taxes are coming
  46. Disturbing video from Philadelphia…
  47. North Korea ignores Biden’s calls
  48. “No King in the History of the World has been the Ruler of Two Billion People, but Mark Zuckerberg is”
  49. “When you don’t have the data and you don’t have the actual evidence, you’ve got to make a judgment call.”
  50. DECOLONIZE CORNELL! Cornell Faculty Revolt Against China Partnership: Professors push back against joint degree program bankrolled by Chinese government.