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  1. Illegal sanctions hampering COVID vaccine access for millions
  2. Headlines of Iranian Persian dailies on March 13
  3. Criss-Cross! M2 Money Velocity Declines -20.5% YoY As M2 Grows At 25.80% YoY (Purchasing Power Declines ANOTHER 1.8% YoY In February)
  4. Biden Faces Republican Claims Spending Bill Is Packed With Pork; Federal Coronavirus Spending Nears $42,000 Per Taxpayer; Treasury Yields Continue Rising
  5. That’s Volatility! First Gold, Then Silver, Then Bitcoin, Then GameStop? (Volatility Reigns With Fed Liquidity)
  6. Germany declares a Covid ‘third wave’ has begun
  7. Fresh anti-coup protests hit Myanmar after night of deadly raids
  8. GOP Senators Week Permanent Estate Tax Repeal
  9. Substack Hurts New York Times’ Feelings, Must Be Censored
  10. Money Is A Meme
  11. Chicago begins discussions on giving reparations to descendants of slaves
  12. STRATEGERY: The Biden Administration’s Afghan ‘Peace Plan’ Is an Act of Desperation.
  13. NEWS FROM 1898: Electricity could help speed wound healing, new study shows.
  14. Wealthy Vatican Requests That the Suffering Poor Up Their Donations, “urging the faithful to continue giving to cover its deficit”
  15. ROGER SIMON: More Big Tech Hypocrisy: Apple Blackballs Parler… Again!
  16. Sarah Everard vigil: Talks continue between organisers and police
  17. The Media Wishes You Didn’t Watch Biden’s Speech
  18. Commercial Real Estate Collapse Triggering A Catastrophic Business Foreclosures
  19. Corinne Masiero: Actress protests naked at 'French Oscars' ceremony
  20. U.S. Senators Condemn Russia's 'Assault' On RFE/RL
  21. Covid-19: Health of 28% needing social care drops in pandemic
  22. China’s next aircraft carrier ‘likely nuclear powered’: Report
  23. Covid-19: UK national day of reflection to be held on 23 March
  24. Week in pictures: 6 - 12 March 2021
  25. Tokyo 2020: The elite athletes training at home
  26. Hungry, angry and fleeing the horrors of war in northern Mozambique
  27. Imagine Dragons: How a text saved singer Dan Reynolds' marriage
  28. Why the GameStop story is far from over
  29. India: How eating online is bringing women money - and freedom
  30. The Jaiy Twins: ‘We love proving people wrong’
  31. Covid and schools: First week finished after children in England return
  32. Would you scrap your car for public transport credits?
  33. Rayleigh: Bin lorry emptied on street as fire breaks out
  34. Winchcombe meteorite: Cotswold town reacts to space rock discovery
  35. Schumer Calls On Cuomo To Resign…
  36. Covid-19 pandemic: Italy to shut shops and schools amid infection spike
  37. School poverty cash at risk in count change
  38. Report: 28-Year-Old Physical Therapist Dies Two Days After Taking COVID Vaccine, Cause of Death is Unknown
  39. Schools could miss free meals cash due to count change
  40. House builders 'should drop appalling gagging orders'
  41. Russian Foreign Ministry: “The hostile rhetoric makes one wonder about the true intentions of Kiev”
  42. Government Laughs in the Face of Those Who Stopped Reading and Paying for Establishment Media Garbage: You’ll Be Forced to Pay Anyway #BAILOUT
  43. Exposed! The Hidden Inflation Eating Your Money
  44. Blockbuster snowstorm on tap for Denver, Cheyenne with blizzard conditions possible
  45. ABC calls out Biden and crew on vaccines
  46. Peter Schiff’s son moves 100% of his portfolio into Bitcoin
  47. Two Thirds Of Italians Preparing For Third Wave Of COVID…
  48. Twitter and TheDailyBeast Launch All Out Attack on Independent Leftist Media. Targets: Jimmy Dore, Tim Pool, and More
  49. Chauvin Trial: Judge Cahill Warned of ‘Tainted Jury Pool’ Several Months Ago
  50. Fernando Alonso: Two-time Formula 1 title winner to race with metal plates in jaw