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  1. Slovak PM to quit, swap role with finance minister to end crisis
  2. England's Euro U21 hopes hang by a thread after Portugal loss
  3. Covid-19: Mexico revises coronavirus death toll up by 60%
  5. 9News Australia sees massive cyber attack amid work on episode on Putin
  6. Robertson beats O'Sullivan to win Tour Championship
  7. Fraser strike nets Scotland point in Israel
  8. ‘Humanitarian time bomb’: 4,700 Venezuelans flee to Colombia
  9. Iran-China strategic coop. needs serious will
  10. Iran-China 25-year agreement good ground for tech coop.
  11. 25-year agreement roadmap for continuing Iran-China coop.
  12. Biden* Staffer Blocks Sen Cruz From Filming At Border Facility…
  13. Kosovo Receives First COVID-19 Vaccines, Last Nation In Europe To Begin Immunization Program
  14. Slovakia’s prime minister to step down amid Sputnik V vaccine scandal
  15. Serial Rapist Jory Wiebrand Says He’s Sorry, Is Sentenced To 46 Years In Prison
  16. Calif. woman sentenced for Catholic bomb threats over same-sex wedding announcements
  17. RAW VIDEO: NYPD Cop Shoots Toward a Driver Who Pinned Him With a Stolen Car
  18. Serbia vaccinates thousands of foreigners against COVID-19
  19. Mozambique: Dozens dead after militant assault on Palma
  20. ‘A miracle I survived’: Younger Brazilians hit by COVID surge
  21. Slovak premier resigns to end crisis over Russian vaccine
  22. Thousands of Germans fly to Mallorca amid rising infection cases
  23. Inmate At Oklahoma Jail Shot And Killed After Taking Corrections Officer Hostage…
  24. Short interest in the S&P 500 has collapsed to the lowest level since 2000
  25. Broke Govt – Police Chief is paid $442,000 but is due $1.24 million upon retirement
  26. Shortages of toilet paper and coffee coming your way…
  27. Fourth Stimulus Check: Over 60 Lawmakers Now Support Further Direct Payments to Americans
  28. Lindsey Graham has a AR-15, warns gangs not to approach his house!
  29. The UGLY truth about the Covid-19 lockdowns – by Nick Hudson and PANDA
  30. Turkish Women Protest Over Erdogan’s Decision to Exit Domestic Violence Treaty
  31. Venezuela slams Facebook ‘totalitarianism’ for Maduro page freeze
  32. COVID-19: Ukraine may strike deal to buy U.S. vaccine – minister
  33. EU showcases COVID-19 vaccine certificate
  34. 'Is this patriot enough?': Asian-American veteran shows battle scars
  35. Sources: Felicia Sonmez criticized WaPo editors during a staff town hall, revealing that she is barred from writing anything about sexual misconduct or #MeToo (Rachael Bade/Politico)
  36. Can Eritrea’s Afwerki hold on to power after the Tigray war?
  37. Uri Geller claims ship in Suez Canal was moved by mind power
  38. India v England: Sam Curran heroics not enough in Pune
  39. VIDEO: US police handcuffing, berating 5-year-old boy
  40. German coal-fired power station partially destroyed
  41. Drag Race UK star Bimini's mural defaced
  42. Covid: Barcelona hosts large gig after testing crowd
  43. Armenia PM confirms he will step down to allow early election
  44. Minister defends David Cameron as 'a man of integrity'
  45. SUNDAY SCREENING: Seattle is Dying (2019)
  46. Famous Woke Philosopher Signed Petition To Allow Men To Have Sex With Children…
  47. Biden* Says Justice Dept Is ‘Taking A Look’ At Georgia Law Prohibiting Free Stuff Being Given To Those Waiting To Vote…
  48. A Government Is Actually Honest About Having Really Bad Stagflation?
  49. Inequality, race and pseudoscience
  50. Episode #367 – ‘Zombies and Vampires’ with host Patrick Henningsen, guest Basil Valentine