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  1. Ra’am Official: We Will Support a Netanyahu Coalition ‘From Outside’
  2. US State Department Human Rights Report Returns to Using ‘Occupied’ Territories
  3. Values over vaccines? The story of COVID jab diplomacy in Eastern Europe
  4. Moscow regrets expulsion of Russian diplomats from Italy
  5. England U21 job 'utterly impossible' says manager Boothroyd
  6. Buttigieg “Honored” to Appear With VA Gov. Northam Less Than Two Years After Calling for Him to Resign
  7. Fight for Redo of Arizona GOP’s January Elections Heats Up
  8. U.S. Olympic Committee Releases Protest Guidelines – Allows Athletes to Raise Fists, Kneel During Anthem
  9. Overreaction or honesty? Why Scandinavia suspended AstraZeneca vaccinations
  10. Univision reports Q4 revenue of $722.9M, up 4% YoY, and a loss of $39.1M, compared with a year-ago profit of $93.9M (Hollywood Reporter)
  11. US: Suspect in NYC attack on Asian American woman arrested
  12. Consumer Confidence Hits One-Year-High
  13. “Million Maskless March” Event Planned in Florida
  14. 21 Dem Senators Push Biden to Implement Recurring Stimulus Checks
  15. China Approves Sweeping Electoral Shakeup in Hong Kong, Further Erodes Country’s Freedoms
  16. Pat Buchanan: Autocracy vs. Democracy or China vs. America?
  17. Salena Zito: Chris Frye Is Helping Stage New Castle’s Comeback
  18. Kyiv mayor reports 1,100 new COVID-19 cases, 35 fatalities
  19. Russia registers ‘world’s first’ COVID-19 vaccine for animals
  20. New ADL Study Reveals 63 Percent of US Jews Have Experienced or Witnessed Antisemitic Incident
  21. The joke is on Volkswagen after April Fool’s name change debacle
  22. Pedal bike theft claims have jumped by 66%, says insurer
  23. Lloyd’s of London faces hit of more than £6.2bn for pandemic claims
  24. VIDEO: Highlights of Iran-Syria friendly
  25. Turkmen Exile Group Says Activists Arrested Over Anti-Government Leaflets
  26. Rouhani: ‘No serious efforts’ from US to revive nuclear deal
  27. China demands secrecy in its loans to developing countries: Study
  28. U.S. State Dep. releases report on human rights violations in Ukraine
  29. Macron, Merkel call on Russia to stabilize ceasefire in Donbas
  30. Brother of Honduran president gets life in US jail in drug case
  31. US embassy staff leaving Myanmar amid risk of civil unrest
  32. Three finger salutes at Myanmar funerals
  33. Iran launches operation to fight swarms of desert locusts
  34. Land dispute drives new exodus in Ethiopia’s Tigray
  35. ‘Heart of Asia’ stresses need for ceasefire in Afghanistan
  36. The diabetes epidemic is already upon us - can technology save us?
  37. COVID-19: Over 11,200 new cases reported as of March 31, daily deaths hit new high
  38. Reuters: Oil rises on expectations OPEC+ will maintain supply discipline
  39. Watergate mastermind G Gordon Liddy dies aged 90
  40. ‘It wasn’t right’: Witness confronts policeman over Floyd death
  41. Envoy to Brussels warns over possibility of ISIL resurgence
  42. Chinese hackers used Facebook to target Uighur activists with malware
  43. American spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard gives rare interview to Israeli newspaper
  44. Bulgaria confirms arrest of six-member spy-ring allegedly working for Russia
  45. Israel behind mysterious attacks on Iranian oil tankers, report claims
  46. Pandemic unemployment leaving more without health insurance
  47. Macron, Merkel Discuss Navalny, Possible Vaccine Cooperation With Putin
  48. Australia to build guided missiles to boost defence capacity
  49. Race and racism 'less important in explaining social disparities' - report
  50. The Vast Majority Of The Global Population Has Eagerly Embraced A Giant Deception