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  1. Donbas war update: Ukraine records seven ceasefire violations on March 29
  2. IMF not giving money to Ukraine over Kyiv's failure to deliver on certain obligations – Finance Minister
  3. China reduces elected seats in Hong Kong legislature
  4. Match of the Day Top 10: Why Micah Richards won't have Roy Keane as football's hardest man
  5. Leader urges protection of Islamic Revolution’s ideals
  6. Inauguration poet Amanda Gorman: 'My life changed in six minutes'
  7. Saudi Arabia ready to extend oil cuts by OPEC+: Report
  8. Zarif meets with Tajik President in Dushanbe
  9. UN seeks $10bn for Syria as COVID adds to refugee suffering
  10. Iranian, Azeri foreign ministers hold talks in Dushanbe
  11. Unilateral sanctions only prolong crisis, suffering in Syria
  12. WATCH: Intense video shows LAPD SWAT officer shot in the face before gunman is killed in standoff
  13. China approves overhaul of Hong Kong’s political system: Reports
  14. Uraman Village, stair-stepped heaven in W Iran
  15. Iran's only nuclear power plant threatened by US sanctions - report
  16. Attempted stabbing of NJ store clerk labeled a bias crime, cops say
  17. McClatchy is outsourcing page design and typesetting to Express KCS, cutting more than 26 jobs by August 15 (Kristen Hare/Poynter)
  18. Attempted stabbing of NJ store clerk labeled a bias crime, cops say
  19. Operation ‘Frontier Justice’ sees more than 250 arrested over 10 days in Topeka, Kansas
  20. “Root” writer advocates white genocide following Atlanta shootings: How we got here
  21. Covid-19: World leaders call for international pandemic treaty
  22. ‘THIS IS NOT A ZOO’: Watch Biden staffer block Sen. Ted Cruz from recording video at migrant facility in Texas
  23. Trump launches ‘the official website of the 45th President’
  24. Trump launches ‘the official website of the 45th President’
  25. US to offer Iran new nuclear deal, sanctions relief this week - report
  26. President Trump Dishes On Fauci And Birx In New Statement…
  27. Man gets 3 years in prison for torching cop cars during Seattle riot
  28. Hong Kong: China to pass 'patriot' electoral reforms
  29. The #BidenBorderCrisis isn’t slowing down. It’s only going to get worse.
  30. Sources: Substack is raising $65M at a $650M valuation; a16z will lead the round (Axios)
  31. Nike Sues Lil-Nas-X (Whoever That Is) For Creating Satanic Nike Shoes…
  32. 'Finding work feels impossible for my generation'
  33. The crisis at the Tavistock's child gender clinic
  34. 'I catch rats for a living and couldn’t be happier'
  35. How bees and drones team up to find landmines
  36. Is this the future for international business deals?
  37. Photographing the "endless diversity" of America by streetlight
  38. Long Covid: 'It's like someone has piled sandbags on top of me'
  39. Evidence mounts Covid jab protects those around you
  40. Sir Lenny Henry's open letter urges black Britons to take Covid vaccine
  41. Covid-19: CDC head warns of 'impending doom' in US
  42. EU, UK Reach Post-Brexit Agreement
  43. Libertarian Party of Texas: “If you want to compete with China, you need to let in as many immigrants as possible.”
  44. VIDEO: Police in Oregon Side With ANTIFA and Offer Them Assistance as They Attack Numerous Motorists, Car Windows Smashed #BackTheBlue
  45. Woman Accuses Cuomo Of Kissing Her Against Her Wishes In 2017…
  46. Fauci Takes Credit For Trump’s Vaccine…
  47. Ninth Woman Accuses Cuomo of Sexual Misconduct
  48. The amount of cash around continues to rise contrary to what we keep being told
  49. SHOCK: Biden’s DC.. Watch This
  50. The hypocrisy between “defund the police” efforts and the “Let the police seize your property without a warrant” is astounding to me…