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  1. Democrats Call On Biden To Relinquish Sole Authority Over Nuclear Strikes
  2. Former President Donald Trump could be back on Facebook by May as ‘thousands’ of people weigh in on his ban
  3. The use of "+" to name on-demand services was fine when streaming was new but has become a cliché and a minus (Tiffany Hsu/New York Times)
  4. Agreeing with IAEA, a wise move in preserving natl. interests
  5. Sen. Cruz to CPAC: Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere
  6. Khashoggi report spurs ‘reckoning moment’ for US-Saudi relations
  7. The Week In Russia: 'Ghastly Zealot' Or Medieval Prince -- Statues And Signals 30 Years After Dzerzhinsky's Demise
  8. Thousands Protest Georgian Opposition Leader's Arrest, Demand Snap Elections
  9. Armenia In Crisis: What's Next After Pashinian Denounces 'Attempted Coup'?
  10. Thousands Of Georgians Take To Streets To Protest Opposition Leader's Arrest, Call For Snap Elections
  11. 'Sign On And Take Part In Something Real': Inside The Dark, Lucrative World Of Russian 'Trash-Streaming'
  12. Capitol Police Chief Warns: “Extremists” Want To Blow Up Capitol During Biden State Of The Union…
  13. Biden on 7th anniversary: U.S. will never recognize Russia's purported annexation of Crimea
  14. Former editors of British music monthly Q magazine, which shuttered in 2020, are launching The New Cue, a weekly Substack publication, for £5/month or £55/year (Laura Snapes/The Guardian)
  15. Ireland to end much criticised system for asylum seekers by 2024
  16. Why Work From Home When You Can Work in Israel?
  17. Google Demonetizes Information Liberation For Sharing Video Of Capitol Police Shooting Ashli Babbitt
  18. China calls for respecting Syria's sovereignty after US move
  19. FBI Memos Using Stefan Halper Released, Show FBI Targeting Effort Against Trump Campaign Using Any Means Possible
  20. GameStop Short-Sellers Have Lost $1.9 Billion in Just 2 Days Amid the Stock’s Latest Spike
  21. The Fed is Trapped
  22. Yemeni people stress need to continue battle in Ma'rib prov.
  23. Niger’s president-elect Bazoum rules out power-sharing
  24. UKC News: Vaccine Passport Deception, Zero COVID and Zero Carbon Bedfellows
  25. “No Going Back” – Gov. DeSantis Slams Establishment GOP in CPAC Speech
  26. Explosion hits Israeli-owned cargo ship in Gulf of Oman
  27. ‘Snow moon’ is coming this weekend, and it might be why you’re sleeping less In the nights leading up to a full moon, study subject
  28. Can Armenia’s PM survive protests and a ‘coup’ attempt?
  29. MSNBC Analyst Suggests The U.N. Should Investigate Capitol Riot…
  30. CPAC Opening Speakers: Governor Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz
  31. Dem Rep. Raskin Caught Maskless on House Floor
  32. Germany’s Angela Merkel Says Digital Vaccination Passports “Likely Available” Before Summer
  33. NY Times Opinion: School Closings a Disaster For Children, Blames Dems
  34. IAEA Decisions Weaken Safeguards Over Iran’s Nuclear Aspirations
  35. CENTCOM Chief Issues Strong Warning to Iran Over Saudi Attack
  36. DARPA Orders Six Satellites For Its Blackjack Program From Blue Canyon Technologies
  37. Amanda Staveley loses High Court fight with Barclays over damages
  38. Man Utd face AC Milan, Rangers take on Slavia Prague in Europa League last 16
  39. Decreasing levels of coronavirus across the UK
  40. "Medvedchuk's planes" moved to Switzerland ahead of sanctions announcement – media
  41. Rightmove sees ‘optimistic start to 2021’ after sales and profits fall
  42. IAEA BG Mon. meeting to focus on Iran: Russia
  43. Iran slams UN investigator's report on PS752 downing
  44. Iranian, Syrian FMs discuss means of enhancing bilateral ties
  45. Iran threatens to end deal with IAEA over US-led push to criticize it
  46. Rada to consider judicial reform issue following Zelensky's critical comments
  47. Ghadir Freeway, product of natl. will in enemy's economic war
  48. Russian FM condemns US airstrike in Syria
  49. Shamima Begum: UK Supreme Court to rule on Friday if Islamic State bride can return to UK
  50. Closures on Iberian peninsula making life tough for cross-border workers