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  1. Myanmar remains mired in violence two months after coup
  2. Pakistan lifts ban on TikTok over ‘immoral and indecent content’
  3. Regular vitamin C intake found to reverse blood poisoning
  4. RFK, Jr. to Rutgers President: COVID vaccine mandate violates federal law
  5. ASU dean writes book alleging that grading students’ writing is ‘White supremacy’
  6. Ahead Of Vote And Amid Attacks On Critics, Uzbek President Criminalizes Online Insults
  7. Smugglers drop children over US-Mexico border wall: US police
  8. Working from home likely to continue beyond pandemic: UK survey
  9. Japan’s famed cherry blossoms bloom early as climate warms
  10. The sound of millions: Paul Simon joins trend, sells song archive
  11. Time Out seeks to raise £2m more than planned amid hopes for post-pandemic boom
  12. Facebook removes video of Trump interview, citing ban
  13. Hryvnia strengthens to U.S. dollar on April 1
  14. The Cost of Cobalt
  15. Police body cam video shows George Floyd struggle, then takedown
  16. Kazakhstan Urged To Stop Targeting Journalists For Independent Reporting
  17. COVID-19: Over 17,500 new cases reported as of April 1, daily deaths hit new high
  18. US trade representative seen keeping up pressure on China
  19. ‘Daylight loot’: Kashmir farmers suffer as rivers illegally mined
  20. India’s COVID cases at five-month high, vaccination drive widened
  21. US President Biden announces 'once-in-a-generation' infrastructure plan
  22. Reuters: Oil gains ahead of OPEC+ meeting on output policy
  23. Seven convicted in Hong Kong over 2019 pro-democracy protests
  24. 'Black market' emerges to dodge unofficial Turkish-Saudi trade blockade
  25. 'Trans Rights Are Human Rights': Biden Regime Embraces Transgender Ideology, Free Sex Changes For Military
  26. US, Philippines discuss Chinese ‘swarming’ in South China Sea
  27. Many of Lebanon’s children ‘may never get back to school’
  28. Jimmy Lai among seven convicted over Hong Kong demonstration in 2019
  29. When Iranian nation said YES to ‘Islamic Republic’
  30. Getting unconfirmed reports from foreign new sources—–Ukraine’s Army Chief of Staff announced the start of the campaign in Donbass.
  31. Crime victims to be told when perpetrators leave prison
  32. Myanmar facing ‘bloodbath’ UN envoy tells Security Council
  33. Amazon Recruited an Army of Twitter Trolls and Code-Named It ‘Veritas’ to Target Critics and Defend Jeff Bezos
  34. World Health Organization Investigator Peter Daszak Admits Long-Standing Ties to the Chinese Communist Party . . . on State Media
  35. President Trump latest interview get in here before they shut it down!
  36. Australia lifts Brisbane lockdown as COVID cases dwindle
  37. San Diego businesswoman sentenced to 15 years in prison for massive Ponzi scheme
  38. Teen shot, killed in what sheriff’s office calls ‘horrible accident’
  39. Ex-government analyst Daniel Hale, charged with leaking drone warfare info to a reporter apparently at The Intercept, pleads guilty to violating Espionage Act (Rachel Weiner/Washington Post)
  40. Police arrest three suspects in two-year-old case of 17-year-old woman’s murder
  41. Indonesia on edge ahead of Easter after church bombing
  42. FEDS: Man swindled millions from Tyson Foods in ‘Ghost-Cattle’ scam causing cost of food to rise for years
  43. Facebook bans 'voice of Trump' from platform
  44. Covid-19: Few people with symptoms are self-isolating, study finds
  45. US Dollar’s Share Of Global Reserves At Lowest Level In 25 Years!
  46. Climate change: Net zero targets are 'pie in the sky'
  47. Assisted dying inquiry essential, leading brain surgeon says
  48. Dragons' Den: The hits, misses, and why investments fall through
  49. Germany and Namibia: What's the right price to pay for genocide?
  50. Why April is a big month for your finances