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  1. Chelsea inflict third straight league defeat on sluggish Tottenham
  2. Powerful explosion hits Haifa in occupied Palestine
  3. Covid vaccine: Teachers sent Covid jab booking link for NHS staff
  4. News Corp reported Q2 net income of $261M on revenue of $2.41B; WSJ subs were up 19% YoY to 3.22M, and NY Post reported its first profit in modern times (News Corp)
  5. Liverpool cannot go to Germany for Leipzig tie because of Covid restrictions
  6. Police: Man fatally shot inside his car during Nashville weapons deal gone bad
  7. Director of the Holodomor Museum Olesya Stasiuk: We want to explain what genocide is. It's not just mass murder through famine
  8. $50,000 Federal Student Debt To Be Cancelled?
  9. Donald Trump’s net worth dropped from $4.5 billion to $2.5 billion between 2015 and 2021. So much for all the talk about him exploiting the presidency for business deals. Seems like Obama, Clinton, and Bush were the ones who gained massive amounts of weal
  10. The mod who exposed the takeover of WSB by sleeper mods has been removed, and over a dozen new mods were just added
  11. TV mogul Byron Allen and Charter Communications settle a lawsuit in which Allen claimed racism motivated Charter to refuse to distribute his small TV channels (Meg James/Los Angeles Times)
  12. Clinton’s new documentary is an effort to whitewash the YPG
  13. Biden lays out foreign policy plan to reverse Trump agenda
  14. Covid hotel quarantine 'to start on 15 February'
  15. Brother of Former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Arrested for Distributing Leaflets Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines to Auschwitz
  16. Tehran condemns Belgian court ruling against Iranian diplomat
  17. 1929 bubble will look like a picnic compared to this one.
  18. Q&A with The Information's Jessica Lessin on the outlet's incubator for outlets, whether paywalls limit information access, the site's social media policy, more (Sarah Scire/Nieman Lab)
  19. Democratic impeachment managers ask Trump to testify under oath
  20. Navalny urges Russians to free country from ‘bunch of thieves’
  21. Montreal Police Investigating Offensive ‘Gas Chamber’ Video Posted on TikTok
  22. Baby food brands contain ‘dangerous’ toxic metals, US panel finds
  23. Serbia 'Dismantles' Soccer-Hooligan Crime Gang
  24. Democrats Ask Trump To Testify at Impeachment Trial
  25. President Biden freezes withdrawal of American troops from Germany
  26. Biden to freeze Trump’s plan to withdraw US troops from Germany
  27. US sending signals of readiness to return to JCPOA: Russia
  28. AOC Upset With Rep. Nancy Mace for Calling Out Her Lies
  29. IAC Q4: Vimeo earnings of $1.5M, revenue of $83.8M, up 54% YoY, subscribers up 24% to 1.5M; Dotdash earnings of $30.9M, up 81% YoY, revenue of $74M, up 33% YoY (Eric J. Savitz/Barron's Online)
  30. Former cop indicted for murder in Andre Hill death
  31. Covid: Ministers risking lives over quarantine plan 'delay', says Labour
  32. Greek students march against campus policing plans
  33. Mining giant agrees huge compensation deal over Brazil dam disaster
  34. UK regulator Ofcom revokes CGTN's licence to broadcast in the UK
  35. Female dragon dancers scale-up ambitions in Vietnam
  36. CNN’s Jeff Zucker Stepping Down at Year’s End
  37. Dogecoin takes off after tip by Elon Musk
  38. Farmers' protest: Why did a Rihanna tweet prompt Indian backlash?
  39. Founder of NeverTrumper organization, Lincoln Project, preys on young men — and the Hollyweirdos who support him
  40. Climate Czar Kerry contributing his life to save the planet
  41. Netanyahu Postpones UAE, Bahrain Trip Due to COVID-19 Lockdown
  42. US Should Delay Complete Troop Pullout in Afghanistan: Report to Congress
  43. US ‘Deeply Disturbed’ by Reports of Systematic Rape of Muslims in China Camps
  44. Another Oil Giant Joins The Blockchain Bandwagon
  45. Does The World Have Enough Energy To Support The EV Boom?
  46. SEC working “Around the clock” to find any signs of manipulation on Reddit instead of hedge funds
  47. Would Biden’s $1,400 stimulus cheques boost the US economy?
  48. Fatah needs new faces to win Palestinian elections, says leading academic
  49. Meredith Q2: earnings of $148.5M on revenue of $901.5M, up 11% YoY; licensing revenue up 34% YoY, partly driven by Apple News+; digital ad revenue up 22% YoY (Meredith Corporation)
  50. Kyrgyz Ex-President Atambaev's Pretrial Detention Extended Until April 7