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  1. Open letter signed by more than 100 Al Jazeera staff says Rightly, its new rightwing digital channel, betrays the outlet's journalism and tarnishes the brand (Michael Safi/The Guardian)
  2. How Hungary’s great lakes threaten to put Budapest and Brussels on a new collision course
  3. Thousands rally for Pashinyan as Armenia PM slams ‘coup attempt’
  4. Bernie Sanders Blasts Israel for Not Vaccinating Palestinians, Calls Sending Doses to Allies ‘Outrageous’
  5. ‘Red hot to merely sizzling’: US mortgage rates hit 6-month high
  6. Zelensky appoints ex-finance minister as Ukraine's ambassador to U.S.
  7. Insider increases the minimum salary for full-time employees to $60K, increases minimum severance to two months and converts bonus compensation to salary (Chris Roush/Talking Biz News)
  8. US House to pass Equality Act Republicans say threatens freedoms
  9. UK and Greece Collude to Push New ‘Vaccine Passport’ on Holiday Travelers
  10. Jennifer Granholm Confirmed as Energy Secretary
  11. Rand Paul Grills Dr. Levine During Senate Hearing for Assistant Health Secretary
  12. Leading Liberal Women Refuse to Comment on Gov. Cuomo Sexual Harassment Allegations
  13. Bill Nye to appeal ruling that lets Disney classify revenue from distribution of older shows as "home video", allowing it to keep 80% of that revenue (Gene Maddaus/Variety)
  14. Manhattan Prosecutor Obtains Copies of Trump Tax Records
  15. Newt Gingrich: Jerry McGuire and the $1.9 Trillion Rip Off
  16. Ronald Pickup: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel actor dies
  17. Opposition Supporters March In Yerevan, Renew Demands For PM's Resignation
  18. High School Band Practice in Wenatchee, WA
  19. Lady GaGa’s Dogwalker Shot Four Times In The Chest While Walking Her Dogs…
  20. Morocco set to legalize cannabis production for medical use
  21. China accuses US of undermining regional peace
  22. Universal Basic Income Bill C273 coming to Canada…
  23. Yesterday A Vehicle Owner Learned The Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Car In Front Of A Fire Hydrant (Video)
  24. MINISTRY OF TRUTH: The Democrat’s expert for their hearing on ‘misinformation’
  25. How Societies Are Imprisoned: The Whole World Will One Day Be Like Hollywood?
  26. New AG Merrick Garland WILL go after AR’s
  27. MMT Is Fake Economics
  28. Israel adopts law allowing names of unvaccinated to be shared / Spain’s Galicia to make Covid vaccine compulsory, fines up to €60,000
  29. Once-secret FBI informant reports reveal wider-ranging operation to spy on Trump campaign
  30. HMRC chief receives call from scammers pretending to be taxman
  31. Australia Passes Law Making Facebook and Google Pay for News Content
  32. Blue Peter emblem given to Weston-super-Mare hamster
  33. Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accuses military chiefs of 'attempted coup'
  34. Medical oxygen scarce in Africa and Latin America amid pandemic
  35. Pigeon interrupts Stormont committee meeting
  36. Rough sleeper numbers 'down a third in a year'
  37. 'Shot Like Partridges': The Crushing Of The Kronstadt Uprising
  38. Pashinian Marches With Supporters, Accuses Armenian Military Of 'Attempted Coup'
  39. Lara Trump Gives a Preview of Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech
  40. Are Iran, US headed for a new deal?
  41. Police stop-and-search powers 'should be suspended'
  42. Primark bets on last year's fashion for April reopening
  43. Rival Protests In Yerevan After 'Attempted Coup'
  44. Major Auto Insurers Face Class Action Lawsuits Over Rates During Pandemic
  45. USPS Inspector General Says USPS Spent Nearly $110 Million Dealing With Misrouted Mail in Seven Months
  46. Fit-again North to win 100th Wales cap against England
  47. Italy holds state funeral for ambassador, bodyguard killed in DRC
  48. Pakistan-Afghanistan border fence, a step in the right direction
  49. German Man Charged With Spying At Bundestag For Russia
  50. Indonesia searches for missing after deadly gold mine collapse