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  1. ORWELLIAN: YouTube censors all videos from an academic conference on the dangers of censorship
  2. Daily Beast editor apologizes after accusing Tucker Carlson show of adding ‘googly eyes’ to AOC, acknowledges image is real
  3. Keith Gill Roaring Kitty Gamestop booster getting sued for pretending to be a novice investor while a licensed professional
  4. John Hopkins Doctor Says COVID Will Be Gone By April…
  5. App Annie: Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news app was briefly the most downloaded app on the AU App Store after Facebook's news ban and is now second (Ian Carlos Campbell/The Verge)
  6. Great Britain's Cody Bramwell earn his first win at the Freeride World Tour
  7. VIDEO: Former Israeli PM Netanyahu after killing 64 Palestinians, stating in an interview, that he felt glorious that day
  8. US calls on Taliban to end violence in Afghanistan
  9. First batch of asylum seekers waiting in Mexico allowed into US
  10. Mollaei takes silver in Tel Aviv
  11. ‘The COVID Vaccine Data is Phenomenal’ – True or False?
  12. Kim Kardashian 'files to divorce Kanye West'
  13. Ukraine to "revise" scenarios for Donbas reintegration
  14. Florida women dressed as ‘grannies’ fail in vaccination attempt
  15. NGO Head Blames US for Anti-Israel Bias at UN Human Rights Council
  16. Naftogaz plans to go for IPO
  17. It’s time for realpolitik, diplomacy: Ulyanov
  18. Venezuela launches Covid vaccination program
  19. Kyrgyz President Praises Russia Ties Ahead Of Planned Trip
  20. Biden Calls On Allies To Defend Freedom, Accuses Russia Of Undermining Democracy
  21. Dutch minister on thin ice after skate with star breaks COVID-19 rules
  22. Russia Could Be World’s First Country To Take Its Currency Entirely Digital…
  23. NSDC rules to nationalize section of major petroleum pipe
  24. Joe Biden says US 'determined' to earn back Europe's trust after Trump era
  25. Social Security Is Just One Major Retirement Concern in 2021
  26. Techno-Censorship: The Slippery Slope from Censoring ‘Disinformation’ to Silencing Truth
  27. The Week In Russia: Navalny’s Return: Masterstroke Or Mistake?
  28. Gov. DeSantis Announces New Election Integrity Measures
  29. The Two Pins That Will Pop The Stock Market Bubble
  30. Michigan removes 177k voters from their rolls
  31. Experimental mRNA vaccines cause 600 new cases of eye disorders and leave 5 people blind, according to UK Government
  32. Hershey, Nestlé and other chocolate makers sued for child slavery
  33. Kuleba: EU must be ready to raise cost of aggression for Russia
  34. Marilyn Manson in domestic violence probe
  35. Arab Nurse Recites ‘Shema Yisrael’ Prayer for Jewish Patient Before He Dies of COVID-19
  36. Special report: Insulin users reeling at 550-percent price increase
  37. German Jews Angry at Prosecutor’s Decision Not to Charge Hamburg Synagogue Attacker Because of ‘Mental Illness’
  38. Concern in Israel Over US Announcement Welcoming Nuclear Talks With Iran
  39. Report: Cuomo Nursing Home Policy Responsible for at Least an Additional 1,000 Deaths
  40. New Study Points to Wuhan Institute of Virology as the “Cause” of COVID-19
  41. ‘We can be sure innocents died’, US death row exonerations show
  42. Politicized, Weak, Woke And Afraid Of Literally Everything, Gen Z Is A Failed Crop…
  43. Australian Open: Daniil Medvedev beats Stefanos Tsitsipas to reach final
  44. The Root: Republican Party Now A Terror Cell…
  45. Watch: Man Beaten In Broad Daylight With A Pipe In NYC…
  46. Algeria frees first activists after presidential pardons
  47. House Puts Fourth Bill To Prevent “Twice Impeached Presidents” From Being Buried In Arlington National Cemetery…
  48. Princess Latifa 'being cared for at home' - Dubai royal family
  49. Self-assessment taxpayers given more time to avoid 5% late payment penalty
  50. A BILLION HERE, A BILLION THERE, AND PRETTY SOON, YOU’RE TALKING REAL MONEY: New ‘COVID’ Legislation Contains $300 Billion in Unrelated Spending, Budget Watchdog Warns.