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  1. Myanmar diplomatic revolt widens as anti-coup protests return
  2. Covid-19: Starmer's NHS pay call and Cyprus to welcome vaccinated Brits
  3. Did You Manage to Survive The QAnon Militia Capitol Attack of March 4?
  4. At least 17,000 health workers have died from COVID: Amnesty
  5. Thai PM orders probe into army’s link to banned Facebook network
  6. Premier League predictions: Lawro v singer-songwriter & Liverpool fan Ben Howard
  7. Football Focus: David Moyes is setting his sights on sides above West Ham
  8. Yemen targets Saudi military base, airport
  9. NATO: EU Cannot Protect Europe Alone Amid Threats From Terrorism, Russia
  10. This is how much food gets wasted, and what you can do about it
  11. Covid-19: San Diego zoo apes given experimental vaccine
  12. Senators Warn U.S.-Bulgarian Relationship Faces 'Serious Challenges' As Sofia Prepares For Elections
  13. New Zealand v England: Tourists wrap up series with six-wicket win
  14. China announces 'over 6%' economic growth target, tech plans
  15. UN alleges war crimes in Ethiopia’s Tigray, urges Eritrea exit
  16. The Streets Of U.S. Cities Descend Into Chaos As Criminals Brazenly Hunt For New Victims In Broad Daylight
  17. Could Mt. Hood Be The First Volcano To Erupt On The West Coast?
  18. In CBS interview, Former Cuomo aide reveals shocking details of the Governor’s alleged sexual advances
  19. A look at healthcare reporters' experiences one year into the pandemic, from helping readers get vaccine appointments to keeping up with scientific developments (Chelsea Cirruzzo/Nieman Reports)
  20. Aides to NY Gov. Cuomo “rewrote” official report on nursing home deaths in attempted cover-up: NYT
  21. Talk of Andrew Cuomo as attorney general sparked accuser to come forward
  22. Kamala Harris tells Netanyahu that US opposes ICC probe of Israel
  23. Michael Pack, former head of USAGM, signed a no-bid contract with an outside law firm to investigate his own staff; the bill topped $1M in the first few months (David Folkenflik/NPR)
  24. China’s NPC to ensure ‘patriots’ in charge in Hong Kong: official
  25. Covid-19: Starmer calls for bigger pay rise for NHS 'heroes'
  26. Q&A with Twitter's senior director of curation Joanna Geary on how her team decides which trends to summarize and how to contextualize them, more (Will Oremus/OneZero)
  27. ‘Game theory’ paper reopens wounds of S Korea’s ‘comfort women’
  28. MSNBC Reporter Nearly Brained With A Falling Light Fixture…
  29. International Women's Day: Illustrating the Covid-19 pandemic
  30. U.S. Urges Iran To Engage In Dialogue After European Powers Back Off Censure Plan
  31. House Democrat Sits On Steps To Protest White Supremacist Threat To Capitol That Never Showed Up…
  32. Covid variants: What happens when a virus mutates?
  33. Is “Temporary Inflation” A Real Thing?
  34. Covid: Fresh air 'key to safer classrooms'
  35. The Father: Why Olivia Colman's new film will leave you disoriented
  36. Our Lives: Will my hometown survive this lockdown?
  37. Data experts are becoming football's best signings
  38. Covid 19: 'His mental health has suffered all along'
  39. Northern Pacific seastar: The sea intruder causing havoc in Tasmania
  40. Nalleli Cobo: How a nine-year-old fought an oil company and won
  41. Celebrating the world's largest female afro
  42. Government has no climate change plan - MPs
  43. Budget 2021: Four things that critics say were missing
  44. National Trust's climate change threat map a 'game-changer'
  45. Migrants Wearing Biden* Shirts Walking Towards Border…
  46. NEW: Trump Blasts Karl Rove “He’s A Pompous Fool With Bad Advice And Always Has An Agenda”
  47. Pelosi says her grandchildren are “longtime friends of Joe Biden” and they don’t say “open sesame,” they say “Open Biden.”
  48. US Capitol Police request extension of National Guard deployment in Washington
  49. Exclusive: Iran jails Jewish-Iranian for 10 years for living in Israel
  50. Biden* Justice Dept Quietly Dismissing Hundreds Of Cases Against BLM/Antifa Rioters…