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  1. Headlines of Iranian Persian dailies on March 9
  2. Japan’s economy expanded slower than expected in December quarter
  3. Lebanese Army, Hezbollah intercept intrusive Israeli drones
  4. Unilever to remove ‘normal’ from its beauty, personal care goods
  5. US visa applicants denied under Trump ‘Muslim ban’ can reapply
  6. ‘Barricaded’ Myanmar protesters leave after tense standoff
  7. Too Busy Frontrunning Inflation, Nobody Sees the Deflationary Tsunami
  8. If you haven’t watched since 87’…you have Zero clue what he’s talking about. You will, every generation gets the chance–
  9. Khalilzad, In Pakistan, Stresses Need To Accelerate Afghan Peace Process
  10. WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany RIPS Biden admin for border crisis, lack of press availability
  11. Texas Will Not Reverse $16 Billion Power Overcharges During Freeze
  12. Media Breaks All The BS Stories Within Minutes.
  13. The Fed Enabling Biden & Congress’ Destructive Agenda
  14. Fun Facts About Current Global Debt
  15. Texas Residents Billed Up To $16,000 For ONE DAY of Electricity, Power Companies Going Under
  16. Warning: Criminal Banks Now Gutting America
  17. Retail Investors Are Long Confidence And Short Experience
  18. Lynette Zang: BOND BREAKDOWN ACCELERATING NOW – How The FED is Losing Control
  19. By owning 7% of the Japanese equity market The Tokyo Whale has beached itself
  20. Warning: the Bloodbath is Far From Over
  21. Toddler gives mother advice after hearing her parents fight
  22. World Economic Forum has released another dystopian video promoting an “artificial sun,” so it is “easier for people to gather again.
  23. Papa John’s ex-CEO claims that it’s taken over 20 months to stop using the N-word. Left loses it
  24. PRO Act will remove your freedom to be your own boss
  25. Biden to deliver first Prime Time address on Thursday
  26. Game Stop games continue – up 41% today
  27. Child abuse laws to be expanded in England and Wales
  28. ‘It’s not safe’: Report finds children want life away from Syria
  29. Coronavirus testing: How to do a lateral flow test at home
  30. Coronavirus: What are the care home visiting rules in England?
  31. Anne Sacoolas: Harry Dunn suspect 'willing to do community service'
  32. Average UK house price could be nearly £50,000 higher by end of 2025 – forecast
  33. Bafta Film Awards 2021: Stars await nominations amid diversity push
  34. Ministers 'must quickly ban LGBT+ conversion therapy'
  35. The papers: Palace 'reeling' over Meghan and Harry 'bombshell'
  36. Mars Rover Landing Site Named After Black Woman Sci-fi Writer You’ve Never Heard Of…
  37. Man accused of “secret peeping” facing more charges involving student at elementary school
  38. THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: “Safer at Home” Isn’t.
  39. The Left is inherently hostile to this country’s foundational principles.
  40. How did Mitch McConnell become so rich so fast?
  41. Censored by Twitter and Google, and removed from Urban Dictionary… hits too close to home for them
  42. Covid in Scotland: Restrictions on outdoor meetings to be eased
  43. Samuel Paty: French schoolgirl admits lying about murdered teacher
  44. DEVELOPING: Social media network Gab goes offline after hack, ransom demand
  45. Italy becomes second European country to pass 100,000 COVID deaths
  46. NYC High Schools Will Re-Open…
  47. US Capitol security needs significant upgrade, report concludes
  48. Yellen, Georgieva urge more women to consider career in economics
  49. Pope 'tired' as he returns from historic Iraq visit, hints at future trips to Budapest and Lebanon
  50. Award-winning ‘Nomadland’ documents poverty and survival in America