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  1. Bangladesh deploys border guards after deadly anti-Modi protests
  2. The Talk: Sharon Osbourne leaves US show after racism row
  3. VIDEO: Ski jumper's horrible crash
  4. RSF Concerned Torture Was Used To Obtain Jailed Crimean Journalist's 'Confession'
  5. Lebanon PM warns of 'dangerous chemicals' in southern oil facility
  6. China FM meets with Iranian ex-speaker Larijani
  7. Egypt: Plan made to use tide to refloat ship blocking Suez Canal
  8. Should vaccine makers give away patents to speed up rollout?
  9. Yemeni forces' strength much more than 6 yrs ago: official
  10. Myanmar: Junta says protesters can be 'shot in the head or back' as it marks Armed Forces Day
  11. Syrian soccer team land in Tehran for friendly match
  12. Suez Canal: Wedged container ship 'could soon be refloated'
  13. England's Declan Rice says spectators at Euro 2020 would put 'fire in the stomach'
  14. N. Korea warns US of facing 'something not good'
  15. Song Contest Organizers Reject Belarus’s Second Entry, Leaving Country Out Of Competition
  16. BBC reporter records phone call with fraudster
  17. Iran, China to sign cooperation agreement on Sat.: FM spox
  18. N Korea hits Biden’s ‘provocation’, threatens more arms build-up
  19. Body-editing apps on TikTok ‘trigger eating disorders’
  20. Russian Deputy Defense Minister Attends Burmese Armed Forces Day Parade
  21. Over 180 people trapped in Mozambique hotel after ISIL attack
  22. U.S. Military Ordered ‘Clandestine Burning’ of Toxic Chemicals in Poor Neighborhoods
  23. German Covid Easter U-turn shakes Merkel's cool, calm image
  24. Faith and ritual: Religion in 21st century Britain
  25. Hate crimes on police 'more likely to be charged'
  26. Uzbeks celebrating Persian New Year
  27. Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese military aircraft!
  28. Censor the Press? No Big Deal! CNN Fake News: ‘Irrelevant’ If Biden Hides Border Debacle
  29. Republicans Gear Up For 2022, Compile Democrat ‘Exit List’ – President Trump Holds Meeting With Candidates
  30. Covid: 'Christmas Day' for families as Wales lifts travel ban
  31. If It Moves, Tax It: Pete Buttplug Pushes for ‘Mileage Tax’ on American Drivers to Fund Biden Regime’s Leftist Policies
  32. Ivermectin: South African medics using unproven worm drug to treat Covid-19
  33. ViacomCBS shares closed down more than 50% for the week, after peaking at $100 per share on Monday, amid analysts' downgrades, while Discovery dropped about 45% (Jessica Bursztynsky/CNBC)
  34. Covid: 'Christmas Day' for families as Wales lifts travel ban
  35. Covid loneliness: 'I craved human touch after months of no hugs'
  36. Lockdown hair given to South Shields Covid-19 archive
  37. Oasis contract requesting 'sober-speaking' helpers fetches £4,000
  38. Biden: Georgia voting restriction law is 'atrocity'
  39. ‘You could be shot in the head, back’: Deaths reported in Myanmar
  40. ‘You could be shot in the head and back’: Myanmar army warns
  41. Sŵnami: 'Why can't we sing in Welsh and be successful?'
  42. Home-schooling around the world: How have we coped?
  43. The vaccine misinformation battle raging in France
  44. Asian Woman Running For NYC Council Attacked In Hate Crime By Black Woman, Didn’t Want To Report It Because Attacker Wasn’t White…
  45. Covid lockdown projects: How you danced, wrote, ran and invented games
  46. The challenge facing Joe Biden at the border
  47. Baby goat, emu and goose make friends on Wiltshire farm
  48. Local elections: Tories warn of post-Corbyn Labour 'bounce'
  49. 'Ice-cream toothache' mystery explained
  50. Batley school protests: Identifying prophet row teacher 'unacceptable'