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  1. Sources: Substack is raising $65M at a $650M valuation; a16z will lead the round (Axios)
  2. Nike Sues Lil-Nas-X (Whoever That Is) For Creating Satanic Nike Shoes…
  3. 'Finding work feels impossible for my generation'
  4. The crisis at the Tavistock's child gender clinic
  5. 'I catch rats for a living and couldn’t be happier'
  6. How bees and drones team up to find landmines
  7. Is this the future for international business deals?
  8. Photographing the "endless diversity" of America by streetlight
  9. Long Covid: 'It's like someone has piled sandbags on top of me'
  10. Evidence mounts Covid jab protects those around you
  11. Sir Lenny Henry's open letter urges black Britons to take Covid vaccine
  12. Covid-19: CDC head warns of 'impending doom' in US
  13. EU, UK Reach Post-Brexit Agreement
  14. Libertarian Party of Texas: “If you want to compete with China, you need to let in as many immigrants as possible.”
  15. VIDEO: Police in Oregon Side With ANTIFA and Offer Them Assistance as They Attack Numerous Motorists, Car Windows Smashed #BackTheBlue
  16. Woman Accuses Cuomo Of Kissing Her Against Her Wishes In 2017…
  17. Fauci Takes Credit For Trump’s Vaccine…
  18. Ninth Woman Accuses Cuomo of Sexual Misconduct
  19. The amount of cash around continues to rise contrary to what we keep being told
  20. SHOCK: Biden’s DC.. Watch This
  21. The hypocrisy between “defund the police” efforts and the “Let the police seize your property without a warrant” is astounding to me…
  22. Gamestop $GME: It Will Collapse Eventually
  23. Inflation Comes When People See it is Cheaper to Buy today than Tomorrow
  24. Elliot Fuchs: The Law and Business Behind Fake News
  25. Phony Fauci Says It Was All His Idea… Not Trump’s.…
  26. Kamala Busy Being Frustrated With Ongoing Mansion Renovations Amid Border Crisis She’s Supposed to Fix
  27. Bill Gates Declares EU ‘Won’t Be Back to Normal’ Until Late 2022 – When Everyone is Vaccinated
  28. Nord Stream 2: Russia actively trying to circumvent sanctions, Ukraine intelligence says
  29. UN monitors backtrack on Yemen money-laundering accusations
  30. Brazilians thrown back into poverty as COVID aid dries up
  31. New Gov. Cuomo Accuser Speaks Out
  32. California top court strikes blow against cash bail
  33. Turkey tightens COVID restrictions after surge in infections
  34. Legal challenge over the government using Whatsapp
  35. Psaki Says Private Sector Should Lead on “Vaccine Passports”
  36. WATCH: Biden delivers remarks on coronavirus response and vaccinations progress
  37. Protesters march at 'Stop Asian Hate' rally in Portland
  38. Czech Republic’s Richest Man Killed in Alaska Helicopter Crash
  39. Derek Chauvin Trial Begins
  40. Feminist groups protest Turkey's withdrawal from Istanbul Convention
  41. Potato processing plant to be built in Ukraine
  42. Traffic in Suez Canal Resumes After Stranded Ship Refloated
  43. Kosovo PM Becomes Nation's First Person To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
  44. 'Biggest risk' to UK is importing COVID variants, says chief medical officer
  45. Pakistan president says he has Covid-19 despite having first vaccine dose
  46. France reopens Libya embassy after 7-year closure
  47. Who are the fighters launching attacks in northern Mozambique?
  48. Container ship in the Suez Canal is set free
  49. Mason Slaine, who owns a 3.4% stake in Tribune, says he would commit $100M toward Bainum's Tribune bid, aiming to acquire the Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel (Lukas I. Alpert/Wall Street Journal)
  50. WHO “Investigator”: We Took China’s Word for It on Wuhan Lab Leak Theory