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  1. Venezuela slams Facebook ‘totalitarianism’ for Maduro page freeze
  2. COVID-19: Ukraine may strike deal to buy U.S. vaccine – minister
  3. EU showcases COVID-19 vaccine certificate
  4. 'Is this patriot enough?': Asian-American veteran shows battle scars
  5. Sources: Felicia Sonmez criticized WaPo editors during a staff town hall, revealing that she is barred from writing anything about sexual misconduct or #MeToo (Rachael Bade/Politico)
  6. Can Eritrea’s Afwerki hold on to power after the Tigray war?
  7. Uri Geller claims ship in Suez Canal was moved by mind power
  8. India v England: Sam Curran heroics not enough in Pune
  9. VIDEO: US police handcuffing, berating 5-year-old boy
  10. German coal-fired power station partially destroyed
  11. Drag Race UK star Bimini's mural defaced
  12. Covid: Barcelona hosts large gig after testing crowd
  13. Armenia PM confirms he will step down to allow early election
  14. Minister defends David Cameron as 'a man of integrity'
  15. SUNDAY SCREENING: Seattle is Dying (2019)
  16. Famous Woke Philosopher Signed Petition To Allow Men To Have Sex With Children…
  17. Biden* Says Justice Dept Is ‘Taking A Look’ At Georgia Law Prohibiting Free Stuff Being Given To Those Waiting To Vote…
  18. A Government Is Actually Honest About Having Really Bad Stagflation?
  19. Inequality, race and pseudoscience
  20. Episode #367 – ‘Zombies and Vampires’ with host Patrick Henningsen, guest Basil Valentine
  21. Venezuelan opposition leader tested positive for COVID-19
  22. …And inflation is coming
  23. How Goldman sucks sold 10B of stonks to the retail investors
  24. Tugs, Dredgers Still Struggle to Free Ship Blocking Suez Canal
  25. Holy Sepulchre Church Opens on Palm Sunday as Latin Patriarch Says ‘We Feel More Hopeful’
  26. Romanian Police Investigate Death Threats Against Prominent Jewish Actor
  27. Turns Out What Biden Called Texas’ ‘Neanderthal Thinking’ In Eliminating Restrictions/ Mask Mandates Was Right
  28. Paris doctors warn of ‘catastrophic’ overload of coronavirus cases
  29. Liberty Steel won't receive £170m bailout
  30. Trump Confirms He Will Likely Visit Border “Over Next Couple of Weeks”
  31. Watch: Hayley Raso scores 'fantastic' solo goal for Everton
  32. Turkmen Voters Given Two Hours To Cast Ballots In Senate Election
  33. You can now receive a Bachelor of Tolerance and Coexistence degree
  34. IMF is requesting 650 Billion USD SDR [mostly will come from USA]
  35. Trump rips Biden for not finishing border wall, says countries are losing respect for US
  36. Gov. Cuomo Aides Subpoenaed in Sexual-Harassment Investigation
  37. Washington, D.C. Sees Incredible Rise in Car Jackings
  38. Texas Could Become a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State”
  39. EPA Spent $52 Million in Violation of Law Designed to Stop Wasteful Spending
  40. “Grassroots” Support for Dem Climate Bill Being Funded by Liberal Dark Money Network
  41. U.S. Senators Heckled by “Coyotes” During Border Tour in South Texas, Biden Officials Tried to Block Photos
  42. The DOJ Is Struggling With January 6th Protest Cases
  43. Marilyn Mosby Announces That Baltimore Will No Longer Prosecute “Low Level” Crimes Like Prostitution, Drug Possession
  44. More Proof Dems’ Gun Control Wouldn’t Have Prevented Boulder Shooting
  45. Is North Korea Finally Infected With Coronavirus?
  46. White House Eyes Conservatives in Next Stage of Vaccine Push
  47. Los Angeles County to Increase Police Funding by $36 Million After Defunding Backfires
  48. House GOP Steps Up Fight for Iowa Seat Dems Are Trying to Steal
  49. Putin Expresses Praise For Recent Russian Military Arctic Exercise
  50. Is Joe Biden Ready to Start a North Korea Crisis?