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Author Topic: Mysterious Disease Kills Seven in Tanzania - nsnbc international :: nsnbc international  (Read 1131 times)

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 A mysterious disease in central Tanzania has killed seven people while 14 others have been admitted to hospitals for treatment, said Tanzania' Minister for Health Ummy Mwalimu said Sunday.

Ummy Mwalimu_Tanzania_MoHealthMwalimu noted that the disease has hit the Chmela and Kondoa districts in the country' central region of Dodoma, wreaking havoc to residents in the areas. Addressing the press she said that the government came to know about the disease on June 13 through the office of the chief medical officer for Dodoma region.

The minister added that it started with nine members of a single family at the Mwaikisabe village in Chemba district who reportedly fell sick after eating beef from a cow that was slaughtered after one of its legs got broken in an unknown circumstances. However, some of the people who also ate the very same beef were alive and kicking, forcing the government to cast its net wider in the endeavor to examine what the disease could be and its likely causes.

Mwalimu said other patients from villages of Soya, Itolwa, Kelema balai, Gubali, Chemka, Kintima and Ilesi in Chemba district and one from Ubembeni in Kondoa were reported to be experiencing similar health conditions. "The patients show symptoms of vomiting and running stomachs. Their eyes and other body parts also turn yellow," said Mwalimu.



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