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The decline of America - 1978 to 2016

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    "When I was twenty-one, it was a very good year.
    But now the days are short, I'm in the autumn of my years
    And I think of my life as vintage wine
    From fine old kegs
    From the brim to the dregs."


    - It Was A Very Good Year, composed by Ervin Drake and popularized by Frank Sinatra.


I was 21 in 1978. It was a very good year for me.


It was also a very good year for America. That was the conclusion of The Guardian on June 19, 2013:


    In or around 1978, America' character changed. For almost half a century, the United States had been a relatively egalitarian, secure, middle-class democracy, with structures in place that supported the aspirations of ordinary people. You might call it the period of the Roosevelt Republic. Wars, strikes, racial tensions and youth rebellion all roiled national life, but a basic deal among Americans still held in belief if not always in fact: work hard, follow the rules, educate your children and you will be rewarded, not just with a decent life and the prospect of a better one for your kids, but with recognition from society, a place at the table.


I consider two other alternatives as the high-level years for the United States; 1946 when the United States had more than 50 percent of the world' GDP and 1966 when the Dow briefly touched 1,000, a mark which would not be broached again for 15 years.


Fareed Zakaria of CNN fame claims that, "The world has shifted from anti-Americanism to post-Americanism." In other words, except in the Muslim world, the United States is becoming too insignificant to hate. A weak economy, mounting debts, second rate education, indecisive leadership and an expanding chasm between liberals and conservatives on moral and economic issues are a clear indication that America is in a steep decline which can be slowed but not arrested.


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