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Author Topic: Some Practical Reasons Why You Might Need a Food Supply  (Read 510 times)

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Some Practical Reasons Why You Might Need a Food Supply
« on: Apr 05, 2016    08:48:25 PM »
Some Practical Reasons Why You Might Need a Food Supply

The best investments in these questionable times are those which are tangible. Having a food supply, purchased at a good price during good times, can be invaluable if things become more difficult. And by "more difficult" I'm not necessarily talking about a massive, national economic collapse or an epic natural disaster.

Anyone can have a difficult week (or month or year).  Maybe an unexpected expense arose, like a trip to the emergency room or a car repair. Perhaps a job was lost or hours were cut at work. It' possible that something happened that made the primary breadwinner for the family unable to work for a time.  Whatever the case, having some supplies put back can really help you through a rough spot. While some folks have room in their budgets for these shortfalls or added expenses, a growing number of Americans are one paycheck away from disaster.

The key is this: when times are good, you should focus on loading up your pantry for when times are not so good. It' not a new idea. It' how our ancestors did it because they never knew when a fluke cold snap would kill their crops, when a predator might get the animal they were depending on for food or when a drought would occur.