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 Is there a window of opportunity on talent?
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Jun 28, 2005 #1
Can talent come and go?

I like to draw and paint and I was OK for my standards but it seems
that lately my muse has not only eluded me, it has taken a
Can you lose what seems to be a natural talent or ability?
Or, if you find suddenly that you aren't able to do what used to
come naturally, was it ever really there in the first place?
The last time I tried to paint, I quit in disgust because it resembled
something a pre schooler would do.
If you have to keep at something to be good with it, then is it really
talent or was it just that practice made it seem like talent?

And the last question is, did any of this make any sense at all??

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Pioneer Queen

Jun 28, 2005 #2
No Sadie, I think the muse changes...the talent.....I was a really really good actress but if wasnt' my path for this go round....probably from a last life, I can still do amazing acting.....howver, I couoldn't do an ingenue now, an old whore maybe, LOLOL, but you know what I mean......I think the talent evolves as we evolve......look to a different area.....


Jun 28, 2005 #3
I don't know Sadie. I'm still trying to figure out what my talents are in this life so you're ahead of the game from me anyway.

I'm sure your painting was wonderful. I think a lot of times we're too hard on ourselves. People here shock me all the time with their obvious talents.

A very cool and gifted bunch. I'm just happy to be y'alls friend.

(It sounds like I'm feeling sorry for myself but I'm totally not. I'm pretty good at a bunch of things but not really good at anything. Seriously)


Jun 28, 2005 #4
I get blocked with the stuff I'm really good at creating.

I can't force it. I got blocked for almost a year and was miserable. I did everything to unblock, but it didn't help.

Then one night I woke up and it was back!

You have to let it show you.
That sounds really weird, but I know for me I have to wait until I get tugged out of bed or away from what I'm doing with an overwhelming desire to create something.

That's when the magic happens and it comes out great!

I've turned out some really bad crap when I've been under the gun with projects and my soul wasn't in it.

Either that or go take an advanced class with some other artists to prime the pumps again to see if that helps.

Do you think that you could be menopausal?

Im not joking.


Jun 28, 2005 #5
Thanks for the feedback ladies.

But Luna...menopause?

Hell, how old do you think I am? I'm only 31.

OK, I'm lying out my ass :lol: but no, I don't think so.
It feels more like I forgot what I used to know. But, I never had
to learn it. It came naturally. So how could I forget it?

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Creepy as HellCreepy as Hell

Jun 28, 2005 #6
I used to be a really good gigolo but now I'm a joke. Maybe it's the mexican gigolos that do it better and cheaper!!!


Jun 28, 2005 #7
Herb, no way they could be better than you. You just need PRACTICE!


Jun 28, 2005 #8
You just need you get off somewhere nice and clear your ol' head out Shady Sadie.

Take a short daytrip. Bring along a sketch pad or a few art supplies to a place that you've never experienced.

Get outside of your head for a little bit. Check it out.

Richard Stanz
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Could be lostCould be lost

Jun 28, 2005 #9
Well, if it's any consolation to you, the same thing happened to John Lennon. I remember reading (in Rolling Stone, probably) him say he'd "lost my muse". This was when he was living in Bermuda in the late 70's.

Wanna know how he said he got it back? He was out in a small boat with Sean and a sudden storm blew up. He was really to far from shore for this, and he knew nobody else knew they were out there, so being a famous Beatle and all just didn't matter, he was up shit creek without a paddle. He did make it back OK and he said afterwards that in the shock of fear and panic, his muse returned! Muse had gotten fat and lazy and complacent over the past several years, and had to be shook up a bit to get re-activated.

So, I hope you get your's back an easier way!
"And to the republic........."!


Jun 28, 2005 #10
Whoa! That is a story! No boat on your daytrip Miss Sadie!

Pioneer Queen

Jun 28, 2005 #11
Its all about followng our passion!!!


Jun 28, 2005 #12
You may have a point Richard or the story did or whatever.

Maybe i have just gotten lazy, mentally?

And yes I think I do need some sort of stimulation to shake the
hell out of that Muse.
If I could take about a 2 week vacation I think I would be more
relaxed and get in tune with myself.

Oh I sound so whiny, wahwah poor me. :rolleyes:


Jun 28, 2005 #13
Nahhh. Not whiny. Just in a rut. That's why little baby step outings will help if you can't take a fullfledged vaction!


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