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Author Topic: Fake drugs kill more than 250,000 children a year: report :: Top Story :: thenews.com.pk :: Karachi


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LONDON: Doctors have called for an urgent international effort to combat a "pandemic of bad drugs" that is thought to kill hundreds of thousands of people globally every year, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

A surge in counterfeit and poor quality medicines means that 250,000 children a year are thought to die after receiving shoddy or outright fake drugs intended to treat malaria and pneumonia alone, the doctors warned.

More are thought to die from poor or counterfeit vaccines and antibiotics used to treat or prevent acute infections and diseases such as hepatitis, yellow fever and meningitis. Most of the deaths are in countries where a high demand for drugs combines with poor surveillance, quality control and regulations to make it easy for criminal gangs and cartels to infiltrate the market. Often they face only fines or minor sentences if caught.

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