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Jan 15, 2019    08:32:58 PM

Author Topic: Russia Buys Quarter of World Yuan Reserves in Shift From Dollar - Bloomberg  (Read 12 times)

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Russia' central bank dumped $101 billion in U.S. holdings from its huge reserves, shifting into euros and yuan last spring amid a new round of U.S. sanctions.

The central bank moved the equivalent of $44 billion each into the European and Chinese currencies in the second quarter, according to a report published on late Wednesday by the Bank of Russia, which discloses the data with a six-month lag. Another $21 billion was invested in the Japanese yen.


The "confirmation bias" of the US Senate Intel Committee and it's "Russia hacking" investigation

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by Feytonshadow
Secretive group of the global elite gather in Turin for latest Bilderberg Group meeting which will see bosses of firms including Google mingling with politicians and royalty to discuss Russia and fake news

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Since we are all about journalist deaths- The Panama Papers exposed John Podesta's business dealings with Russia. That journalist who exposed him died in a car bomb.

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