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Author Topic: Country Killer Asteroid To Hurtle Past Earth On Friday Warns NASA: Asteroid 2014-YB35 A-Once-In-5000  (Read 331 times)

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What is being called a 'country killer asteroid' will hurtle past Earth this Friday at 23,000 miles per hour according to this newly released story from the Express in which they warn us the 'monster mammoth asteroid' will hurtle 'terrifyingly close' to the planet, "sparking fears of unprecendented disaster" we are told.

While scientists also tell us there are no fears of collision with the Earth since it will be 2.8 million miles away, nearly 12 times further away than the moon, scientists also tell us that such flyby's often yield unexpected results. We are also told that an asteroid this size passing so close to our planet Earth is a once-in-5000-year event. An interesting 'coincidence' is looked at further below as the Noah's Biblical flood took place approximately 5000-years ago.