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Jul 20, 2018    06:39:12 AM

Author Topic: "Russian aggression" = U.S. doublespeak for U.S. aggression  (Read 187 times)

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"Russian aggression" = U.S. doublespeak for U.S. aggression
« on: Sep 28, 2017    09:00:04 PM »
"Russian aggression" = U.S. doublespeak for U.S. aggression

Talking to Russia, anyone in government who does (talk with Russia) is sane and reasonable. Why wouldn't we talk with and have normal relations with Russia? Oh that's right, it's because the United States prefers to be at war with everybody everywhere all the time. Just like we prefer, in 2014, to install Nazis by coup d'etat in power in Ukraine, and effectively by that coup claim Sevastopol and Crimea for NATO and the US fleet. Now that's crazier than anything in Dr Strangelove, because this American land grab represents the entirety of American political culture, not one lone lunatic (General Jack D. Ripper). But whatever, continue with the Russia demonization and Nazi coups on Russia's borders. Go ahead, continue demanding that Russia hand over its only warm water naval base, from a strategic position Russia has held since before the United States existed. And go on with your delusion that you're the reasonable one.

What about the "election hacking collusion"?

So the Russia/Trump collusion story goes like this: Russia believes Clinton to be hostile to Russia (that part's accurate), so Russia either incited a mole inside the DNC to leak damaging DNC/Team Clinton emails to wikileaks, or hacked them and delivered the emails to wikileaks. BUT in order to do this, Russia needed Donald Trump to sign off and give the OK and so had secret contacts with Trump for that purpose. Are you serious? This makes no sense. You believe it because you want to and because you're punch drunk from anti Russia propaganda. That's not pro-American propaganda either. That's just pro war propaganda, pure and simple. If you support it then you're throwing away your ability to think and reason, and your ability to be a decent human being.

Source: "Russian aggression" = U.S. doublespeak for U.S. aggression


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