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Israel Hayom :: Something is amiss in the United States of Obama

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On Thursday, several top American journalists - some of whom work for The New Yorker - brutally attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for supposedly aiding Republican candidate Mitt Romney to defeat President Barack Obama. Reaching such a conclusion is not illogical, and Netanyahu should remember how Ezer Weizman got Israel in trouble by endorsing then Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter. Everyone should tread lightly on the matter. But I do not think Netanyahu\'s motive is to support Romney, as much as it stems from a deep concern over Iran\'s nuclear armament.

Netanyahu has not been able to carry on a conversation without mentioning Iran for years. It would make more sense if he was accused of being obsessed with Iran, but accusing him of acting for the wrong reasons? Impossible. However the current drama unfolds, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel will not break down. This is because, as the Hebrew saying goes, any dispute that stems from a mutual understanding of one another should be allowed to be carried out.

 Source: Israel Hayom | Something is amiss in the United States of Obama

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