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Experts say Hamilton overstepped its authority by removing anarchy symbol deemed ‘hate material

Experts say the City of Hamilton overstepped its authority when on Tuesday, it ordered the removal of an anarchist symbol, the circle-A, from a local building.

The city told CBC the symbol was considered “hate material” similar to the swastika.

“To apply the label ‘hate speech’ to a symbol like this and to compare it to a swastika is to completely misunderstand hate speech laws,” said Richard Moon, law professor at the University of Windsor.

    I think it’s a challenge or an attack on what is really called political speech

Moon said that hate speech and hate propaganda fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government.

“The city is not the enforcer of the criminal code ban on hate speech,” he said. “Normally, the police would lay charges, there would be prosecution and the prosecution would only happen with the consent of the attorney general.

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