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David Icke: The Takeover of Planet Earth by Reptilian Humanoids from Outer Space

David Icke: The Takeover of Planet Earth by Reptilian Humanoids from Outer Space

Darkmoon – May 8, 2020

Are evil Space Lizards behind Covid-19 and the plot to depopulate the planet with killer vaccines?  

By DARKMOON  WRITERS — May 8, 2020

A lively Debate on the Darkmoon site 
edited by Lasha Darkmoon for concision and clarity.

Includes a  3-minute video clip.


They arrived in massive spacecraft, some of them miles in length…. These were extraterrestrials who came [here] hundreds of thousands of years ago…. [They] could levitate objects and themselves at will; they could cause spontaneous combustion…. Their bodies were less dense than ours and they could float above the ground through the power of their consciousness…. The time arrived when [these] Luciferic extraterrestrials sought to take over the planet….  An organisation, which I shall call the Brotherhood, has been used over thousands of years to manipulate the human race, and never more so than today.” — David Icke, The Robots’ Rebellion, Chapter 1, ‘The Takeover Bid’, pp. 7-12   

LASHA DARKMOON: (by way of introduction) : I confess I know little about David Icke myself, apart from the one book quoted above, so I am unable to take sides in this lively debate by Darkmoon site writers. The site is noted for the awesome erudition of its commenters, their wide-ranging knowledge of current affairs, and their critical approach to the  vast number of conspiracy theories that help to make life so deliciously exciting.  It would therefore be of interest to know what this cross-section of the dissident intelligentsia think of David Icke, the ultimate Conspiracy Theorist. Is Icke a bona fide truthseeker or a Zionist agent of the deep state?

Icke’s antisemitic conspiracy theories, new research shows, have been viewed over 30 million times on the internet.  The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)  calls for Icke’s removal from social media. The anonymous correspondent who sent me this article from Truthseeker tells me in an email: “It is rumored that the Deep State is planning the assassination of this highly dangerous loonie at large. It is also rumored that Icke has just acquired an underground fortress in Antarctica from a Satanist group in California, where he plans to hole up for the foreseeable future.” (See introductory words here)

COMMENTATOR MIKE:  David Icke is the enemy of Satanists. Why would he accept any offer of help from them? More slander thrown at him from the same source – those lizard aliens from outer space!

FLORIAN:  The quote about David Icke that opens LD’s article on Icke was not meant to be taken seriously. It was written as a joke, tongue in cheek. It was meant to be taken ironically, with a pinch of salt.

There is absolutely no foundation in the silly story that Satanists from California had sold Icke an underground fortress in Antarctica. The comment was intended as a satirical parody of the kind of daft conspiracy theories churned out by Icke himself, including (((lizards in high places))). If you can’t see that, I feel sorry for you.

David Icke is in in fact working for the Jews. He is on the Jewish payroll. Hence his books are promoted by Amazon and his videos spread far and wide by YouTube — both under Jewish control.

Anyone who takes Icke seriously needs to wake up and realize that Icke is a disinfo agent.

ED:  Agreed. Icke is controlled opposition, in my opinion. As was Assange. This explains why he has received widespread coverage and became immensely well-known. Censorship only started when he started rattling on about 5G. All talk about 5G is YouTube censored. That obviously raises a red flag.

5G is extremely dangerous. To discuss it in public is a bit risky, especially if you point out its dangers. Unfortunately Icke might have stepped a little too far ahead of himself. Time will tell if the deep state, the  powers that be, should eventually decide to silence the truthseekers by using their satanic handling gloves in the dark cell lockers of secret confinement.

Nevertheless, all things considered, Icke has supplied a lot of useful information. For that, I am grateful.

ANTIZION:  Florian says: “Anyone who takes Icke seriously needs to wake up and realize that Icke is a disinfo agent.”

Exactly. This article (republished by the Darkmoon site) came originally from Truthseeker, a respected dissident alt-right site that has no time for David Icke. It has published several articles exposing Icke as a disinfo agent. Sardonicus is right to point this out.

See the damning facts about David Icke here:




Nuff said!

SARDONICUS:  Where all this will end I don’t know. It does not bode well.

I doubt if David Icke has a clue about what is going on. He hates Christianity. He hates religion and its restraints on sexual licence. Anyone who follows this False Prophet is asking for trouble.

Fools and knaves get the mad gurus they deserve.

BARKINGDEER: There’s no way anybody who has been following David Icke and has heard his lectures and read his books could think he’s some kind of fake disinfo agent, or even a huckster, like Alex Jones. Jones’ info is often good, but he goes too heavy on the hucksterism and will not diss Israel. That’s not like Icke.

Icke has told the whole dirty story on the Zion thing. He’s hip to the Hitler scam… He’s not just about the extraterrestrial  theory of the monarchies. He spilled the beans aplenty on the whole pyramid power control system, the Masons, establishment religion, Zionism, and now the coming transhumanist super-surveillance global tag-and-track slavery plot.

SARDONICUS:  I have great respect for what you say about David Icke and his ideas and wish to apologize for any offense I may have given to Icke supporters by attacking Icke. As you say, many of Icke’s ideas are excellent and no one here would raise any objections to them. However, I object to some of Icke’s  more bizarre ideas about extraterrestrial aliens, reptilian humanoids, and the Babylonian Brotherhood.  Why? Because far-out ideas like these, straight out of sensational comic books and graphic novels for teenagers, bring Holocaust denial and 9/11 truth into disrepute by association.

The problem with Icke is that he muddies the waters by mixing a lot of misinformation and dangerous nonsense into the mishmash of of his general message. So ultimately he is unreliable and it would be foolish to trust him. Like the Pied Piper, he will lead his faithful supporters into the ditch.

JAY 77:  I’ve no doubt David Icke conveys a lot of important information. Especially on the Coronavirus. His other theories, I confess,  are a bit too much for me, verging on the conspiratard.

He opens his most recent video on Facebook with a rant about how the “Fourth Reich” is on its way snd how all of this ties in with “Nazi Germany”.  He has little understanding of fascist ideology.  Ezra Pound saw fascism as the only means to excise the tumour of Jewish communism. Icke scoffs at this idea, putting in a good word for the Jews in the process. Letting them off the hook.

“It’s not the jews,” he says airily. “The problem is the Sabbattean Frankist cult”. Yeah, sure.

Many claim Icke has a jewish wife, as Jared Taylor does.  This may explain why Icke has managed to survive so long against the odds.

COMMENTATOR MIKE:  When I listen to Icke and he starts going on about alien lizards and other kookie stuff like that, I get annoyed and switch him of. But as I mentioned earlier, there could be a method in Icke’s apparent madness. His aim could be be to  totally dehumanise the ruling elites in our eyes. I don’t think everything he says is to be taken literally.

PAT:  I have generally dismissed Icke’s claims due to his mixing fact with fiction. That’s what most disinfo boys do. Smart agents know how to pull the right chains, as Icke does, to sell his wares.

COMMENTATOR  MIKE:  Icke details the structure of the hierarchical social pyramid of power and the depravities of the ruling elites right down to their red shoes. Sure he makes money out of being so popular, but what do you think is the logical consequence of accepting his views? There is method in his madness about the ruling elites being of extraterrestrial origin. This enables us to come to the mindboggling conclusion that our ruthless rulers do not in fact belong to human race. That it’s a life and death struggle between them, these sinister aliens from other worlds, and the rest of humanity.

Once you realise this, your conscience will no longer be troubled when, on the day of reckoning, you may be the one throwing them into the fire, stringing them up on lamp posts, skewering them on stakes, or whatever else it takes to rid the earth of this scum.

The choice is obvious. Either the top few percent—the outcasts from humanity—will eliminate 95 per cent of the world’s population, or the 95 per cent majority will liquidate those at the top. Now David Icke is careful never to call for such drastic action. He behaves responsibly in avoiding all such inflammatory suggestions. Good for him!   But pray tell, how else is one supposed to put things right and defend oneself from the deadly conspiracies that the rulers weave against their oppressed populations? What’s so “false opposition” about that?

I repeat: there is a pyramid of power, a social hierarchy. In order to reduce world population, we should begin by starting at the apex of the pyramid where the top dogs lie.

Click to enlarge

SARDONICUS:  Has it ever occurred to you that the world is overpopulated and that a considerable reduction in population is desirable?

COMMENTATOR MIKE: Yes, it has. All the same, I’d start with chopping off that top level of the pyramid first. Why? Because I hold this evil elite responsible for the world’s population problem in the first place. Their policies have brought us here. Would the population of Third World have exploded in the way it has unless they were seen as potential customers for the consumer goods of the West?

We have cars and pharmaceutical products to sell. So why not overpopulate the world to create more customers for our cars and pharmaceuticals?  If this helps to create more industrial waste, pollution of the atmosphere, and a plethora of new health hazards — who cares? The fat cats certainly don’t! They feather their nests, living the good life in their gated communities. They sing and dance and whore their nights away in their penthouse apartments, in their private paradise islands, and in their billion dollar yachts on the high seas.

Meanwhile, the white race’s share of  global population has declined sharply, thanks to two catastrophic world wars initiated by the same architects of evil.

ANONYMOUS DREAMER:  I think Sardonicus is correct in calling for a drastic cull of the world’s population, amounting to roughly seven billion people. Getting rid of a few rich guys “at the top of the pyramid”—whether or not they are humanoid reptiles from other worlds—is not going to do the trick.

Though a 95 per cent reduction in world population may seem a bit excessive, it would leave the planet in a much healthier state than it is now, irrespective of who the survivors are. The criminal plastic pollution of the oceans would cease at once. Rivers would run clean again. The air would once again be breathable as it was in pre-industrial times, without toxic chemicals. The world would become an earthly paradise for the few who remained.

Why assume that a drastic reduction in population is a bad thing? I don’t understand this logic.

You are assuming that that the few survivors who remain are all going to be cruel Jews with ugly hooked noses, living a life of unbridled power and sexual perversion, lording it over their goyim slaves. It’s all in your imagination! No one creates a Utopia, an earthly paradise for the few, in order to turn it into a dystopia again.

One does not build a heaven on earth in order to have hell.

SARDONICUS:  Bill Gates may be on to something! He could be doing the world a favor.  

SAKI:  I’m glad someone has had the courage to point out the obvious: that a heavily populated planet is a recipe for disaster.

Those who think we don’t have enough people in the world, and could do with a few more, please put up your hands!

I don’t see any hands.

ANONYMOUS DREAMER:  The best thing that could happen to this overpopulated planet would be the mass suicide of roughly six billion people. We wouldn’t need regular wars and periodic plagues and famines to do the trick. Nor would we need vaccines to cull the population, if that’s what these vaccines are for. Voluntary mass suicide would be the panacea, the magic cure for all the world’s ills.

I jest not. I dream. And out of my dream, behold, a new Paradise on Earth!

“Mass compulsory vaccination
could lead to mass depopulation 
if the vaccines are secret bioweapons.”
— Medical expert who wishes to remain anonymous

Is this the most dangerous man in the world?

SAKI :  The question we need to ask ourselves is this: Are evil Space Lizards behind Covid-19 and the plot to depopulate the planet with killer vaccines? If so, it’s a damn good idea.

LASHA DARKMOON (in conclusion) :  And there we must leave this debate for the time being.

I commend David Icke for his enormous intellectual dynamism and his Lovecraftian imagination. And I wish him luck in his mission to rid the world of reptilian humanoids from Outer Space. Aka space lizards. I’ve never been too keen on lizards, to tell the truth, though I don’t mind if the more exotic varieties  are tucked away safely in zoos rather than allowed to wander round in public masquerading as “reptilian humanoids”. Whew!

Talking about “reptilian humanoids”, take  a look at this fascinating 5-minute video below. Many of you will already be familiar with this clip, but I never tire of watching it again and again. It really is brilliant. And it’s just up David Icke’s street. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that David had borrowed many of his bizarre ideas from this cult classic science fiction horror movie, They Live (1988).  Old ideas like this never die but take on a new life with each generation. I think we owe David Icke a round of applause for entertaining and amusing us so marvellously over the years. Much of what he tells us could could actually be true. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

VIDEO  :  2.54 mins


Source: David Icke: The Takeover of Planet Earth by Reptilian Humanoids from Outer Space

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