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Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories and the Doom Factory to Come

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories and the Doom Factory to Come

Lasha Darkmoon – Darkmoon April 12, 2020


“The reality is the world will never be the same after the coronavirus…. The coronavirus has struck with unprecedented scale and ferocity. Its spread is exponential. U.S. cases are doubling every fifth day. At this writing, there is no cure…. We live in an epochal period…. Failure could set the world on fire.” — Henry Kissinger, The Wall Street Journal

“Some ideas  are so stupid,” Orwell said, “that only intellectuals believe them.” An apt quote, it seems to me,  to begin this article with. Because the most absurd conspiracy theories are usually concocted and promoted by earnest intellectuals, never by village idiots.

So many conflicting “conspiracy theories” swirl around the latest coronavirus crisis that we are spoilt for choice.

To accept any one of these theories as gospel truth  is to find ourselves under attack by the proponents of a contradictory theory.

I am not against conspiracy theories as guessing games.  I am simply against the proliferation of wildly implausible and conflicting ideas  which bring Holocaust revisionism and 9/11 truth into disrepute, since they too then get dismissed contemptuously as “canards” and “conspiracy theories”. Unlike the Mad Queen in Alice in Wonderland, I am strongly against the tendency to believe in “six impossible things before breakfast.”

Here we go:

Is China, now getting too big for its boots, to blame for the spread of coronavirus? Or could the US, hellbent on world domination and egged on by international Jewry, be the guilty party?

Or could it be that China and the US are secretly in cahoots, trying to carve up the world between them?  If so, where does Russia stand in all this? Is Russia backing China? Or is Russia backing the US? Or is Russia, ever the cunning fox and hedging her bets, backing both the US and China.

If your head is already beginning to reel, I don’t blame you.

Is a nasty virus to blame for all the panic? And if so, was it created by evil scientists in a laboratory and released into the environment to cause deliberate havoc?  Or did it get out of the lab by accident? Or did the virus self-create, bubbling into spontaneous existence from bat’s blood in some Chinese wet food market?

Or is 5G to blame? Are those evil masts that desecrate the landscape the origin of all our woes? Are we soon going to have epileptic fits whenever we turn on our computers? Are our smartphone addicted children about to turn into little zombies and rush into the kitchen whirling machetes bought on Amazon, threatening to chop off the heads of their terrified parents?

Lots to worry about here, isn’t there?

Or perhaps Big Pharma is the big villain and is anxious to flood the word with vaccines which will soon become compulsory? That is not a pleasing prospect if the vaccines are infinitely worse than the diseases they are supposedly designed to cure.

Then of course we have Messrs Rothschild and Bill Gates lurking in the background: Lord Rothschild (pictured here) anxious to get his grubby hands on more of the world’s wealth, adding to his already ill-gotten trillions, and Bill Gates (pictured here) equally anxious to depopulate the planet  and turn most of the world’s inhabitants into slaves grovelling at the feet of a pampered elite. Some screaming in one ear, “Full steam ahead Utopia!” Others screaming in the other ear: “Woe, woe! Here comes Big Brother and the Rat Torture!

It’s hard to choose, my friends, between all these rich offerings. You can’t choose them all, you know. And yet so many people I rub shoulders with flit from one conspiracy theory to another on alternate days—and then on to a new one. The itch for novelty never ceases.

This morning I received in my inbox  an unsolicited email, in which yet another conspiracy theory came whizzing into the room to whack me on the head, as I sat at the breakfast table enjoying an innocent cup of coffee.

It was an article with the scary title “Global System Collapse and Mass Arrests Proceeding: Reset Inevitable. This scares the living daylights out me. Am I about to be arrested for crimes unknown? Are we all ear-marked for the gulags? “Reset Inevitable”: that sounds ominous. I don’t like the sound of it at all. It suggests that all the comforting realities of the past are about to be swept away in a tidal wave of change. Is forced self-isolation, solitary confinement by any other name, to become the rule rather than the exception? Will loving couples in future be forced to have sex by remote control? Will John and Mary be meeting up for their first blind date in face masks?

The mind boggles.

Anyway, I race through this scary article with mounting consternation. It is by Benjamin Fulford, a conspiracy theorist about whom I know very little, apart from that fact that he keeps attacking the Illuminati and in consequence i dismissed by many as a “fake” for tilting at windmills. However, I gather his reputation among his admirers is as high as the reputation of the well-known and much talked about John Rappoport.

The first item of interest I manage to disinter about Fulford is that he was once editor-in-chief for Asia affairs at Forbes magazine, and, as reported in Wikipedia, is the great-grandson of George Taylor Fulford, “the first Canadian fatal automobile accident victim on record.”  Born in 1961, Fulford  is a journalist, author and researcher of Canadian descent living in Japan. Descended from the Fulford clan, one of Canada’s blue-blood families, he claims Polish-Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side. Before working for Forbes, he was a correspondent for Knight Ridder, International Financing Review magazine, the English edition of the Japanese publication Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and the South China Morning Post. “His popularity,” Wikipedia says, “soared on the internet after he managed to conduct an interview with the highly elusive David Rockefeller in November 2007.”

I mention all this simply to underline the fact that, despite his somewhat weird pronouncements at various times, Fulford (pictured here)  has impressive credentials and cannot be dismissed as some village idiot who lives in his mom’s basement in Chattanooga and churns out conspiracy theories between visits to his shrink. He has to be taken seriously, though not without caution and  large dollops of skepticism.

Here are some excerpts from Fulford’s sensational article:

The use of the pandemic or “infodemic” to collapse the current world power structure is proceeding smoothly, many sources agree.  There are multiple reports of mass arrests of elites.  Some of these can be confirmed by news reports of leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson being confined “because of coronavirus infection.” 

The world is also about to find out that Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler’s daughter. The Italians, who have just broken free of German (EU) control sent us a copy of the only known picture of Hitler with his daughter Angela. The message reads, “and when you grow up Angela, destroy all of Europe.”

Well, well, so Merkel is Adolf’s daughter! I have often imagined this portly lady with a nice little moustache, idly wondering to myself what she would look like if she decided to go the transgender route. Now I know.

(See this gorgeous picture).

Here is Fulford again:

Meanwhile inside the U.S. ”it’s almost a certainty there will be a civil war and many will die,” CIA sources predict. Here is what Pentagon sources had to say about the ongoing military campaign against the Satanic Khazarian mafia in the US:

“As cabal underground bases are destroyed in Utah, New York, Idaho, California, and elsewhere … rescued children are getting aboard the Comfort and Mercy hospital ships, protected by marines.”

Medical martial law is taking shape as U.S. President Donald Trump called up one million reserves and recent military retirees to active duty.  War is being declared on Mexican drug cartels, 5G networks have been turned off, FEMA is under military control, and the Pentagon Inspector General is overseeing $2 trillion coronavirus aid.

Also, as 170,000 indictments are unsealed with mass arrests, there will be blood with casualties from military operations’ “suicides”, and adrenochrome withdrawal.

The still brainwashed and sleepwalking sheeple will be shocked to learn that the over 40,000 children who vanish in the U.S. each year (FBI statistics) were being tortured to death by the elite in order to harvest a form of adrenalin known as adrenochrome.  The fact you can now read about adrenochrome on Wikipedia is a sign that things really are changing. 

The Khazarian mafia is not giving up without a fight. The Wireless Distribution System (WDS) received the following message from them last week:

“We have been ruling this planet for thousands of years and we will destroy it rather than give it up.”

Rest assured the WDS has been stopping and will continue to stop their attempts to destroy the planet.

The latest gambit they have been using it to try to trigger a war between the U.S. and China by telling the Americans it was the Chinese who triggered the “pandemic,” and telling the Chinese it was the Americans who did it.

The big meme they are pushing in the West is that “All Trails Lead Back to the Wuhan Bio-Lab.” In fact, the outbreak in China can be traced to the Wuxi Pharmaceutical corporation in Wuhan, China. But here is the interesting part, guess who owns Wuxi?

It is… the Soros Foundation. 

If you go down the list of companies they own at the SEC database below, you will find it as Wuxi Pharmatech Cayman 

Scary stuff, this, much of it sourced from Zero Hedge.

It’s not as if Fulford is making all this up in his head. He’s getting a lot of it from elsewhere, sometimes from impressive sources. He goes on to inform us that “the Soros Foundation is a front for the Rothschild family and other Khazarian honchos, many of whom are hiding in Switzerland, New Zealand, and the British Virgin Islands.”

George Soros, the Hungarian Jew, is seen as the ultimate archetype of evil along with Lord Rothschild. If these two Jews were assassinated,  I am given to understand by the alternative media, the world would definitely become a better place.

This agent of Satan has apparently made it his mission to destroy the United States. Whether this scary quote can be trusted, however, is anyone’s guess. 

Fulford then goes on to quote the widely reported words of Henry Kissinger about Coronavirus, alarmist in the extreme:

“The reality is the world will never be the same after the coronavirus. Its spread is exponential: U.S. cases are doubling every fifth day.  At this writing, there is no cure. 

Medical supplies are insufficient to cope with the widening waves of cases. Intensive-care units are on the verge, and beyond, of being overwhelmed. The contraction unleashed by the coronavirus, in its speed and global scale, is unlike anything ever known in history….

We live in an epochal period….  Failure could set the world on fire.”

The horror of our situation increases in leaps and bounds as new revelations knock us flat on our backs and kick the stuffing out of us.

Total global collapse is predicted within a month.

Another source wails: “Humanity will rise up against the corruption in the world and ALL governments will be brought down.  It is months away not years.  I believe the worst will be over by July 2020.”

Britain’s MI6, for its part, says: “We see the pandemic as an attempt to accelerate the totally cohesive high technology world governance, high-end Fascism, National Socialist type stuff.”

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko seems to be more aware than most current world leaders about what is really going on. He says:  “Don’t you have the impression that the powers that be would like to reshape the world without a war through this so-called coronavirus psychosis, this infodemic?”

—   §   —

We learn from the spooky Fulford  article many things  we already know to be true. So dismissing it sweepingly as “conspiracy theory garbage” is a temptation to be strongly resisted. After all, some major “conspiracy theories” happen to be true.  A huge military realignment has actually been going on. The US military has started pulling out of Afghanistan and large parts of the Middle East.

Fulford then tells us: “It looks like the U.S. is going to grab the world’s largest oil reserves located closer to home in Venezuela.”

He explains:

The cover story for this is as follows:

“Today the United States is launching enhanced counter-narcotics operations in the western hemisphere to protect the American people from the deadly scourge of illegal narcotics,” Trump said. “We are deploying additional Navy destroyers, combat ships, aircraft and helicopters, Coast Guard cutters and Air Force surveillance aircraft, doubling the capabilities in the region.” (See here)

It appears the U.S. has traded Ukraine for Venezuela in order to make this operation possible.

“Currently, Russia is in full swing preparing for war and preparing to conquer Ukraine, and Trump will not interfere with this,” says Russian analyst Bohdan Lystsia. “Trump takes Venezuela, and Putin does not interfere.  Putin takes Ukraine for himself, and Trump does not interfere with this,” he explains.


OK, so Trump and Putin have carved up the world between them, with Trump helping himself to Venezuela and Putin grabbing Ukraine—which, incidentally,  used to belong to Russia at one time in any case.

Fulford fails to explain the role of Israel in this article. Who gets control of the Middle East and its oilfields? What happens to Syria? What happens to Turkey and the Kurds?

The horrible suspicion begins to dawn that, if Trump and Putin have cut a deal over Venezuela and Ukraine, they must also have cut a deal over the Middle East.

Little Israel is arguably about to get the lot, courtesy of both Trump and Putin, and transmogrify itself into Greater Israel, the vast Biblical Promised Land stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. (See MAP)

After all, why not? It makes sense, doesn’t it? It makes very good sense indeed if the conspiracy theorists are right and both Trump and Putin are Jews. Or crypto-Jews. Or, failing that, if they are both Zionist puppets on the Rothschild payroll.

Trump supporters won’t like to hear this. They will start screaming, “How dare you call our Donald a Jew!”   Putin supporters won’t like it either. They too will start screaming.  But that’s tough. The conspiracy theorists, whether right or wrong, have identified both Trump and Putin as Jews. This undeniable allegation of Jewish lineage has been made all over the internet. I’m not going to waste my time hunting for links to support my statement. Readers can  check for themselves on the internet easily enough.

In conclusion, I see no difficulty in imagining that Israel would do very well out of this reported carve-up of the world between the superpowers— if Trump is a Jew, if Putin is a Jew, if Merkel is a Jew, and if Boris Johnson is a Jew. With so many powerful Jews in high places, Israel must be delighted. Netanyahu must be gloating, and Ben Gurion and Ariel Sharon will be chuckling in their graves. In no time at all, far sooner than we anticipated, a One-World Government will be established with its headquarters in New York, London and Jerusalem.  And tikkun olam (“repairing the world”) will then take off with a big bang.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end in a whimper.

I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought,  but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” — Albert Einstein, April 1949


Source: Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories and the Doom Factory to Come

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