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Audio: The October Surprise, With Barbara Honegger

Audio: The October Surprise, With Barbara Honegger

AFP is pleased to offer our readers another excellent interview from writer and radio show host S.T. Patrick’s Midnight Writer News Show.
Episode 106, “The October Surprise, With Barbara Honegger”

Barbara Honegger joins S.T. Patrick to discuss her book The October Surprise: Did the Reagan-Bush Election Campaign Sabotage President Carter’s Attempts to Free the American Hostages in Iran?
Honegger discusses her work and associations within the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign and her position at the White House from 1981-1983.
Why is the October Surprise important today? Whom did she most admire in the Reagan White House? When did she first suspect a secret deal had been made? Was there a 53rd hostage? Why is the situation called the October Surprise? How and at what point were the Israelis brought into the arms transactions? Who was William Casey in 1980? What was the importance of Houshang Lavi? Did Carter believe he had a secret deal, himself, in October 1980? What happened at the seminal Paris meeting in October 1980? And so much more!
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Source: Audio: The October Surprise, With Barbara Honegger

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