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American rotten Syria policy risks war with NATO ally Turkey – so instead US threatens to cut aid to

Washington also stands to gain a new enemy in the betrayed Kurdish fighters along the Syrian-Turkish frontier

On January 23rd, this analysis piece written by The Duran’s own Alexander Mercouris detailed the strategic steps and missteps that the American military and foreign policy directors have been taking with the Kurds, and with the Syrian situation overall.

One key point Alexander made was that it was likely that:

    …Having armed the Kurds and encouraged them to create their own statelet in northern Syria in order to fight ISIS and destabilise the government in Damascus, the US is now preparing to abandon them to Turkey as soon as the going gets difficult.

    Needless to say duplicity of this order is going to shatter trust in the US both amongst the Kurds and even in Turkey, which is not likely to forget any time soon the game the US attempted to play with the Kurds in Syria at its expense.

Well, he seems to have been correct, yet again.

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