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4,000 Google Employees Threaten To Quit Over ‘Deep State’ Collusion

Some claimed that Google is increasingly less transparent with employees about contentious decisions and seems less concerned about objections from staffers than it used to be. “I wasn’t happy just voicing my concerns internally,” one employee who left told Gizmodo. “The strongest possible statement I could take against this was to leave.”

Opposition to Maven seems to be growing inside Google. As of about a month ago, around 3,100 employees had signed the petition. Approximately 5.4 percent of the workforce have now voiced their concern.

Yet Google is forging ahead with Maven, noting that because the technology used in the project is open source, the military could use it regardless of the company’ direct involvement.

Some of the employees who have resigned and the petitioners claim Maven runs contrary to Google’ ethos – the mantra “don’t be evil” has long been at the heart of Google’ principles.

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